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This sign can learn to learn, but first needs some training. Observe quiet spider in the corner.
It would seem that he has no chance to catch the flight. And still they come across in his cleverly nets and he wins.

Capricorns can be found everywhere, in every field, where they can move out ahead and get udovletvorenik their secret ambitions. Capricorns climb the social ladder, rising from stone to stone. Always just ahead. Perhaps they do not draw attention to themselves in some special way. They may not at first notice. And it seems that all the others have advantages in the competition, and Capricorns do not have a chance to win, and they still win. To deal with them is virtually impossible and useless. Capricorn have a great admiration for those ktoopredilil them on the way to the summit. They love success, respect, authority and honor tradition. Many of the energetic and impulsive people call them for the snobs and bigots.

Capricorns can express their criticism lightly and abruptly.

But usually they are too clever to create a needless enemies. In this case, they will agree with you, play up, but the technical briefings could be eo olko think? They allow others to go forward, but the ultimate goal is often the first to come out against any logic. They are very careful, avoid all obstacles and sharp stones. And it is not surprising that they rarely stumble. Their eyes are not fixed to the stars, their gaze directed straight ahead, legs straight and stand on the ground. Jealousy, passion, impulsiveness, laziness and carelessness – Capricorn consider all these as obstacles and let others stumble on them. Capricorn can only look back at these people and feel sorry for the light of their failure and go quietly on. There are, of course, Capricorn and romantic. But they do not allow emotions to blind himself.

You must comply with all conditions, if you want a Capricorn you respect.

They do not like public scenes, and not reveal passions. Almost all of them idealize their ancestors and elders, respect for age and experience – part of their nature. Often in old age they are trying to make up for what was lost in his youth. Capricorns are unlikely to fall in love with a person who has a way our position in society. They rarely marry without thinking, and for a long time preparing for this. They are very fond of his family: after all of these relatives may remain some kind of property! You may think that it is cold, calculating attitude, but Capricorns believe that it is simply sensible. The chance will never have to double-knock at the door, they hear the first knock. A more correct to say: they soyat leaning against the door, waiting for the chance.

As a child, a Capricorn is a rather poor health, worse than the other characters, but the strength of their resistance increases with vozrastolm. Sober, calculating nature of Capricorn gives him amazing powers of endurance, but nevertheless it is not always possible to avoid doctors and hospitals, because they are weak fear, uncertainty and anxiety is stronger than the microbes. Even their conservative habits and stubbornness, their resistance to disease can not overcome the dangers of pessimism. Capricorns have much time to spend in the air and develop a more positive and easy vzgdyad to life. Almost all Capricorns sensitive skin. This proyaalyaetsya in all sorts of allergies, the excessive sweating and other uozhnyh diseases. It is also possible disease of the stomach, vulnerable places are the joints and bones. The fruits of their melancholy can be headaches, kidney disease and mental illness. If they manage to avoid a prolonged illness due to their depression, they spopobnost have surprising longevity. Well, I do not know well or be the last leaf on the tree and thus suffer from arthritis and rheumatism?

Capricorns impression of a gentle, timid and a bit stubborn man. He seems harmless. And you may even appear that this is the man who can be trusted and confess. And who would have suspected that he may be and there are actually some hidden, ambitions? Nevertheless, you should know that they will use your weaknesses and your secrets to yourself to become stronger. You think that you can not do without it and give him all their reins. And even then he begins to exercise power and uses it to gain the position of a true leader. They did not plan the parade and its route to the scene.

Coal provides Capricorns long flame.

Capricorn male
He built a brick wall around themselves. He is shy, but very strong, pleasant, but very ambitious. It seems that he prefers solitude, in fact it is not. In secret he likes to subdue the crowd, in his dreams he is a wonderful romantic, but Saturn constrain its nature. This is a harsh planet of discipline demands of him calm behavior, practical actions and serious intent. This is his cross, and he is often heavy. Sometimes he can be abrupt manners, and sometimes he can surprise you with unexpected humor, in which there is an ironic tone. Remove the inside smooth and reliable Capricorn, and you will see a cheerful and gentle dreamer who seeks adventure and excitement. And only some of the Capricorn can show that their hidden deep soul. You may find that he is better suited to be a schoolteacher and as a lover he is unhappy. You can also decide that he would rather stremitya to success in their careers than to you. It can excite and impress him, but his inner nature make him a no-show. He will never allow their dreams to start it too far. Know that vnktri him have it all, this is enough. Do not expect that Capricorn will do yato something lightly, you can not change his personality. And what you can do – it is only to hint that you suspect that, for his conservative manners hidden fire. And he may want to allow this fire a little break. You can tell him that you like his type of romance, because the most beautiful dream is the one that comes true. And this you can push it to osuschestvlenib some of their dreams. And oyunazhdy he can reach the top of the mountain and you’ll be next to him, filled with false pride in him for what they believed in his practical dreams. Capricorn can pretend to live peacefully without any compliments. Ro how he behaves when he praised dokazyvae opposite. Of course, he may hide his joy. When he praises, then do not let that fool you. He desperately needs to ensure that he was told that he was good, krachivy, intelligent, interesting, desirable. But since he rarely shows a desire to hear praise, then gets them quite rare. And therefore he can be quite awkward to behave when he praised. He sometimes just does not know what to do when he praised, he begins to hide his embarrassment clumsy joke or prososto ignores the compliments. And that reaction may get people to next time not to express compliments in general. It seems that they do not need him, and he gets them even less. A vicious circle. Perhaps there are more your fault than his.

About him we may say that it blooms late. It can be serious and wise in youth, as an owl, but over the years, he gradually relaxed in their behavior. And if this is a typical Capricorn, in adulthood it will be better in every way in his youth. This is worth considering. With other men, you have to endure their shortcomings in a few years and only their predrolagat deterioration in adulthood. And with Capricorn all will be different: over the years, he will only get better. If you prefer to get a snack first, then a good dinner, he – for you. If your love with him will end the marriage, then you get a dessert just when it should be filed. Naturally such a reverse process of aging can put you on the idea that he would not be quite true to you. Perhaps. It is true that you may have a little trouble makes it possible for his novels, when he was young, they can be repeated in his old age. Nesmotrya this it will be much safer than most other characters, because he does not admit infidelity to the family altar. Whatever the novels did not appear during its late flowering, they will never replace the family hearth, and you. He was in awe of family ties.

Do not insult his mother and cold treat his brother. Get ready to love all of his relatives, even if you do not like. It will not only protect them, but he will need to choose between loyalty to two families, and it iozhet enter it in the dark state. And you should never enter it in this state. Many male Capricorns may be in his family until a later time to be, than his friends. And they usually fall in love later than most men. They seldom marry before they achieve a career. Striving for perfection, they choose a wife very carefully. They want a woman to be a good mother, she should zorosho cook and be a good hostess. Only after that it should be well dressed. It is desirable that she was intelligent and well educated. The most recent for him is the beauty and physical compatibility. So you can immediately conclude that it would not be afraid if you have not brushed or your perfume bottle is empty or you have ugly feet. It is better to show him what you mistress. If you and beautiful, this is quite good. But at the same time, if you can not please his family, he will never marry you. Exceptions are very rare. After his family, rather he made you an offer behave firmly, let him know that you love the CLC family, but the bed and a table, you delete only with him, otherwise you have to feed and fuss with his entire family. Because Capricorns few nervrzny in the presence of the opposite sex, it can sometimes awkwardly hint at something, maybe a little rough, restrictive. This is his way of hiding his embarrassment and curiosity about the passions, which are often some of the more aggressive men. But this should not knock you out of the way and lead to frivolous behavior. To him, you must stay a lady and do not forget about the ethos. Perhaps he looks at the lady, which attracts everyone’s attention, for example, at a party, but it is absolutely not the type of woman, whom he marries. And if you think my advice to you naeominaet Board spinster try.

A good gift for your husband, Capricorn – is a book of poems. If the islands do not teach him right from the start of the art of affection, then you can become a well-secured eenoy, loved and respected them, but sitting on the emotional zhiete. And it will then be completely useless to complain that he does not tell you how he loves you. He was very surprised and says: “You’re crazy, I remember exactly what he said:” I love you “when we got married and when our first son was born.” He thinks that you should understand how it is to you applies poskolbku it contains you and live with you. For him, the verbal expression of love is an unnecessary romance, but still it can be taught to express their love, if you start from the first day of your wedding.

As a father – it could be called a father with a capital letter. He always sits at the head table, demands respect and obedience. He insists on besprikoslovnom obedience and subordination. But in response, he will pay the affection and devotion. He will be happy to arrange birthday parties, New Year and other holidays. These fathers often resorted to physical punishment, that, as they seem not to spoil the child. He needs to remind chio fatherhood – is not a serious responsibility, but also fun. This Dickensian type of father. You should teach children to kiss him at night, prompting him to amuse the children, and outputting not only educate them, if you feel that he is with them too severe, then console ourselves with the fact that subsequently it will bring benefits to children, unless, of course, He does not go too far. With his grandchildren behavior changes completely, it may allow them to practically everything. Capricorns-grandfather’s good at caring for young children.

Capricorns rarely marry in haste, repent choby not later. Most of the marriages they have strong. But if he made a mistake, he can get a divorce while his appalled divorce. It is possible that your muzhKozerog almost on schedule will sleep with you. This may seem neskolkholodnym and not sentimental. But remember that the practical Capricorn inteoesuetsya physical side of love is much longer than other men. As I’ve said before, dessert – in the end, and then, as he retires, he will have more time to develop techniques of love. Your Capricorn will protect you on a rainy day, preserve us from loneliness and the blows of fate. Any sensible woman will appreciate so much affection. It will not be an ardent lover, who looks at you bdestyaschimi eyes and tells you passionate speech. He is a strong man with a soft heart. And no matter how much gray hair you will have wrinkles and for him you will always be the woman whom he once said: “I love you.” And when you think about it, then really why repeat it again and again. Once is enough, if it lasts long.


Describe the typical female Capricorn difficult. This can be the museum and the lady in spectacles and a dancer. But what would she not engaged, its operations and manages the mysteries of Saturn. It can be sverhzhenstvennoy, flirt and charm men. In her presence, they will feel downright giants, able to protect her from the cruel world. At the same time, it can be calm, cold, alienated, seated on a marble pedestal, and you have to exert all their strength, choby win her hand. But whatever it was, it is always the goal – steel determination to seize the desired man who will occupy dostatchno high position, which she can be proud of. So many Capricorn women are making strides in the work that you would think that love and marriage are on their second place. Love – modet be, but not marriage. One must understand that the purpose of Capricorn is the reliability and the situation is, no matter how this is achieved spopobom: Does your work or with her husband. In this and in another case, a woman of Capricorn is easy to learn on how it succeeds. Capricorns of both sexes have unusual artistic talent. Perhaps it comes from an inner sense of harmony and of the fact that they know what is accepted and what is right. Capricorns should climb. The initial position may be higher or lower. A peak – is the place where she sees the most satisfactory peace. You obviously do not see how this woman is seeking the first place, and do not understand. At least, it will not be one wedge off his hands, and loudly shouting, seeking his. You may even think that she nastoko soft, and she agreed to take last place, leaving all rivals. Wait and see who will be the first in the end. Do not think that she would never sacrifice career for marriage. Give a woman to be a public figure and owner of a good home. And you see how quickly she loses interest in the work. She needs financial security. One of the most typical features of Capricorn is a good education and manners. You can find Capricorn, who grew up in a one-room apartment, but it seems that she was brought up in an old family home and received an excellent education. Any man who marries a woman zhtoy should know that she seems more calm and emotsianalno stable than it actually is. Her manners may mislead you, that nothing can disturb its calm surface. The truth is that it is subject to many moods. All women are susceptible to them, you say, but Capricorn is different from others in that it can be very long dark periods. If she feels that it is not enough value, it will be in deep trance for days, weeks and even months. She believes that this is because it is sensitive or practical. But you remember that gloominess, pessimism and depression, which gives it a Saturn, have their roots much deeper than mere sensitivity. They come from her fear for the future, feelings about the present and, perhaps, the shame of the past or the suspect that did not belong to her as she deserves. This woman does not take ridicule. Reduce to a minimum. Frankly, it is simply not able to see the humor, which is the object itself. This does not mean that you constantly have to bestow her with compliments, it feels good when you are sincere, but you should praise her often enough, that she realized that you know its true value. She rarely relax in romantic situations.

It has great physical desire, far more than might be suspected, and it is very difficult to satisfy. Sit back and spend time kissing, when the future has not yet decided – it is not her hobby. But if she decided that she needed this man, that your finances are sufficient, as your situation, it can be gentle, affectionate and even passionate. Capricorns do not believe in vague dreams, which they will glide aimlessly. She needs to know what floats their boat, and love that it floats on safe waters. Build a solid foundation under your house, if you want a female Capricorn went there. Perhaps she can butterflies in society. It will observe etiquette, priderzhivtsya traditions (in the form of rings or napkins). She has a desire to buy things in the most expensive stores. However, while it will be traded.

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