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Most people like a rainbow. But Aquarians love her more than anyone, they live on a rainbow. More than that, they took it apart, examined every color and yet continue to believe in it. And not so easy to believe in something after you’ve learned that it really is. But Aquarius, die-hard realists, despite the fact that their address – the next day. Must be always ready for any eventuality with this sign. Most of the good and quiet by nature, they are great fun, defying public opinion and in secret they want to shock people with his conservative unusual behavior. They may surprise you somehow out of the ordinary act in the most unpredictable moments. They may appear in oyuschestve barefoot, if they so want and laugh at you if you laugh at them. You can find these people on the frequent use of the word debt. They may even offer you a friendship after ending to your novel. Aquarians are not naive and not very sapient, not enthusiastic, and not indifferent.
Their main feature – the curiosity of penetration in the next mystery. And the next mystery may be you. But the wonder was not only you but also other people. Politics attracts them, absorbing sport, children intrigue, the same can be attributed to much else. You need to forget your ego in dealing with Aquarius, his relationship with you will not only interest and purpose in life. Freedom-loving Aquarius can be funny, original, independent, but can be diplomatic, compassionate, shy and gentle. They almost desperately to the human environment, they always have friends, but they often have dark periods of loneliness, when they want to be absolutely one. But in whatever position was not to Aquarius, he always keeps a sharp insight, which is much sharper than the other characters. Uranus makes them rebels, who instinctively feel that the old traditions are wrong and that the world and people need dramatic changes. Aquarius is always analyzes the situation, friends and strangers. You may feel awkward when they ask you straight, often tactless questions, reaching out to your most intimate feelings. But when they found that the crossword puzzle for them was not so complicated, they become bored, and they even get upset because of this. Nothing could be more insulting than to feel that you have ceased to be interested in Aquarius, and he turned to another, more interesting person. Despite the stability in friendship, Aquarians do not have many friends, they tend to the quality of friendship, and not to count and they rarely establish a strong relationship, because it’s always interesting that for the next turn. Therefore, they are always only a few of these affections. If Aquarius has lost interest in you, it is useless to appeal to his emotions. But if you touched the heart of Aquarius, then he can get down from his bike and go back to see what he missed. Aquarius is often surrounded by a very special atmosphere of isolation, people often do not understand them. This is because mankind simply can not keep up with them, because they live in the future and come to the present only for short periods. They understand this, and this understanding adds to the sense of isolation. Aquarius wandered alone among its clouds at the time, as we mere mortals are surprised that he was doing there. Astrology teaches that what Aquarius thinks today will be the subject of reflection for the entire world in 50 years. This sign is known as a sign of genius, because 70 percent of people become famous – Aquarius. On the other hand, among them a very high percentage of those treated in psychiatric institutions. Aquarius – a curious mixture of coolness, practicality and eccentric impermanence. Almost any Aquarius can calm a mentally ill person, just talking to him. They also have an amazing ability to calm a tantrum or crying child, a frightened man. Apparently in Aquarius very subtle nervous system. Their outlook is very wide. Among them, rarely are found personal prejudices. Aquarius feels at ease in any environment, because they have felt that everything around them – brothers and sisters. His periods of loneliness are rarely long and not try to violate them. At such moments he wants to be the only one, leave it alone, soon he will again be with you.

Aquarius prefers loose agreement about anything, without tying itself to any obligations, and often saying: “may”, “vozhmozhno,” but if he calls the exact time and date, it will be very punctual. Aquarius you will have no say whatsoever, so do not dictate to him how he think or live. Everyone has his own life and everyone danced their dance to his music. Individuality must be respected. Aquarius lives by its charter and believes that this is enough. He will never fight for something, it is not a coward. He had not created to fight. They prefer to agree with you, not to enter into a long discussion. Their reaction is unpredictable, but one I can assure you that their opinion is always stable. The person who can lead the debate may gain the upper hand over you, because attention they can easily distract. It is said that Aquarius discusses the hat: they simply wear it and go. However, their mind, striving for the truth would not retreat one iota when they defend their firm conviction. Any cries and emotional pressure will not force them to turn from his ways.

Aquarians are full of surprises, which also causes hostile criticism. Aquarius did not warn you that he intends to do, he just do what it deems necessary. The credibility of the people comes easy to them – they must first examine how to your soul. Under their gaze difficult it is, he will have to study long and carefully. Sometimes you may sozhdatsya impression that Aquarius is listening to you attentively, looking at the same time he may be missing. In fact, it’s not, he sees and hears. But he does not take your words at face value, it will examine you from head to foot, he wants to know what hides behind this coin. But it is nice to know that once you took it, it will be you will always have a loyal friend and would not believe any malicious gossip, although they can listen out of curiosity. This Vodla make your own conclusion.

Their illness associated with the circulatory system. They are freezing in the winter, suffering from the humidity in the summer. They are prone to diseases such as verikoznoe varicose veins, tromboflibity in old age, if their emotions are directed in a negative direction. They are often weak lodyshki may be pain in the legs due to poor circulation, frequent diseases of the throat. They need fresh air, sleep and movement. But they are rarely used. They close the windows, hiding a warm blanket. Strong nervous tension that accompanies their mental activity, does not give them sleep. If a child they are not accustomed to the sport, in a mature vozhraste little they move. They have excellent health diagnosis. Aquarians are very prone to hypnosis, they are useful hypnotic sessions, as well their effect on treatment of shock.

They are not the best memory in the world, but they need to remember a lot, because It seems that they get knowledge from some invisible antennas. Typical Aquarius – vopoloschenie legendary absent-minded professor. And while they are able to grab taking place around them, as Rodari. For example, they can be with someone to talk and do not miss what is happening in another part of the room. Their ability to penetrate into the unknown and grasp the various secrets of his special intuition rises to heights of psychological penetration. They may well have to feel and know your secret desires. Aquarius does not tolerate lies, deception. They do not like to borrow and lend. But if you took money from him, it should return in time, because their debts, they also give a deadline. Aquarians rarely lie, but they can fool you very quickly. They are called idealists, but I think that is an exaggeration, because they are too shrewd to blindly believe in something. They are firmly aware that the majority of dreams – this is only an illusion. They can dream and at the same time understand that not all dreams are real. His mind and body should be free like the wind. To try to stop the Aquarius is like to drive the wind in a bottle, it can be done. His soul is constantly controlled by Uranus, which leads him into the future. Aquarius – the embodiment of the hopes of mankind and its ideals.

You can look at the lonely heart of Aquarius only for a second and at the same time, if you live in tomorrow.

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