Amazing Venice. The way in time …

15 Nov

VeniceThis miracle threatened towering waves of the Adriatic.
More than a thousand years, Venice was the commercial gateway to Vostok.Mestom meeting of two worlds. Here, art and commerce being accomplished in a magnificent palazzo and marvelous cathedrals. Our miracle is in the heart of Venice – is its main artery – the large channel. The world is no longer anything like that. Wide waterway, which lies among the palaces. It seems that these palaces floating directly on the water. This is the largest canal in Venice. He is in the middle of the city and on the sides of it are magnificent buildings, which are based only on wooden piles driven into deep in the muddy bottom. These palaces were both dealers and warehouses, ruling that city. All the wealth of the world flocked to Venice. These buildings tell us not only about power and wealth. but also many countries with which Venice was selling, and especially on the East.
In many palaces visible Oriental motifs.
Ha boat trip along the Grand Canal takes half an hour. I must tell you that this will be the best half hour of your life. This Kad-On, unique palace, built in 15 century and once he was beaming with gold leaf. But bridge Realto – the first big bridge of the city. It connects the shopping center with its administrative center.
The magnificent cathedrals of Venice not only administrative sites. They are now used for other purposes. Bear story in our present. Grand Canal – it is the way in time ..
Unfortunately, it is unknown how long he will survive more. It depends on sea level rise.

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