“Bermuda Triangle” is also in Russia

Local areas of the earth’s surface, where for unknown reasons, are killed or disappear people, known for a long time. In ancient times, such places were called perished, or damnable devil. There are anomalous zones attract attention of scientists and enthusiastic researchers who are trying to scientifically explain their deadly.Do far the most extensive anomalous zone is the Bermuda Triangle. It is estimated that over the past 150 years there has disappeared under mysterious circumstances at least 50 ships and 20 aircraft, with the victims of the triangle are approximately 1000 chelovek. Continue reading ““Bermuda Triangle” is also in Russia”

Mysterious Island

One hundred years ago we went from Jules Verne, when life had time to become a cult figure in science fiction. Verne was not the first writer, enthusiastically sing the praises of science and progress, but it was he who made the literature about the “miracles of science” phenomenon is truly massive. Amazingly it was the time – when the well-educated French writer’s non-existent differences between the study of insects in the wilds of Africa and of the sea bed by means of “Nautilus”, between searching for the missing captain and the flight to the moon … All seemed well within reach and is fantastic. Including the construction of an ideal society based on those “miracles of science” – as in the novel “Mysterious Island”. Continue reading “Mysterious Island”

In far-off worlds

This, of course, clean water vkusovschina, but for me, Robert Silverberg is still primarily a wonderful storyteller, and only then – the middling novelist. And the blame for this collection of “On far-off worlds,” one of the latest books Mirovska “series” Foreign Fiction “. Well, in fact: is it possible to compare the trenchant, witty stories Silverberg with dreary, shamelessly protracted (and to the same disgusting translated) “Madzhipurskimi Chronicle, or any, God forgive me,” Abyss “? There are, of course, exceptions, “The Book of Skulls” for example. But they are exceptions, as we know, only prove the rule. Continue reading “In far-off worlds”

Lord of the Rings. In three parts

We often say: “He made a notable contribution to the literature of a certain age.” John Ronald Reuel Tolkien – in itself this era. About his life and work written by a library, many of these books have been translated and in – especially in recent years, after the triumph of Peter Jackson’s film trilogy. In our country the mass enthusiasm for creativity Dzh.R.R.T. began with the first complete edition of the Guardians “, published by” Rainbow “in 1988. However, this did not stop to become a legend and major omnibus, prepared in 1991, published by North-West. Very fat, very uncomfortable to read that … Continue reading “Lord of the Rings. In three parts”

Worlds Alfred Bester

Bad literary rebel and nonconformist, dreaming to arrange the next revolution in fiction, if some of its desktop no books novels by Alfred Bester. The future masters of the “new wave” just learned to spell “zhY-shY” and Bester have defied society musty little world of Anglo-American SF his “fireworks” designs. Parents’ Cyberpunks “still soiled diaper, and he fiercely and passionately described the life of the city at the bottom of a future world ruled by giant multinational companies. Most of those “rebellious” NF XX century are rooted precisely in his work – even, perhaps, in works of Theodor Stradzhona, also knew the sense of shocking. Alfred Bester wrote a little Continue reading “Worlds Alfred Bester”

Mysterious dolmens

Every corner of the Earth has its own unique history, immortalized in the surviving monuments that have become landmarks for their contemporaries. Each invisible to the eye piece of sand on the planet holds the message of bygone days, recalling the unsolved mystery of the world, which has not the strength to grasp materialistic civilization.

In the Krasnodar Territory are scattered thousands of stone enigmas, which, along with megalithic Europe and Asia still remain the focus of world archeology. These structures are called “dolmens”, which translated from Breton (province of Brittany in France) means “stone table”, and refer to the 2.4 millennia BC
Continue reading “Mysterious dolmens”

Mirror worlds in the universe

The material” Strange guests through the mirror “of the miracles that we conventional mirrors, caused a surge of readership. Connoisseurs of “magic glasses” have significantly expanded themes, expanding its amazing stories. He referred to at the half-forgotten our ancient evidence of fairy-mythological subjects. In them as mirrors, or rather, the borderland between the real physical world and the otherworldly, invisible, mystical act water, fog (Mirage), and even

stone. Pavel Petrovich Bazhova, for example, underground stone mirror sensitive to the actions of people – spits on imagines himself the master of the mountain breeder …
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Mysterious world of Charles William

120 years ago, on Sept. 20, 1886, was born a man, life and death enveloped by a halo of mystery. Rosicrucian saw him as a follower, although he always remained a devout Christian. Christians have shied away from him even after he left the occult Order, shaking off the dust from their feet. Charles Williams was everywhere, and not to the point, however, covered by his presence all around.

Already in childhood, when religious parents were taken to Charles in a small church, he visited her not coerced, but because of the pull of the mountain world, which beckoned to her dreamy child.
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Introducing Globe bar

Globe ,barEvery reasonable representative of the male from the set sapiens occupying this planet would be happy to receive a gift of something unusual. This is a home planetarium, Globe bar, mini pocket recorder and a vertical double-barreled shotgun “Winchester” with ammo and a license.

What has the globe? Often such a fashionable and called-gift in Moscow, as a globe-bar, desk given away to people, wealthy and influential. Perfect Present, who adores the head should give every working collective. If before your team is the same question “And what we’ll give yourself? “, The Globe Bar will make an excellent choice. Normal head no orders to establish a globe in his office. Continue reading “Introducing Globe bar”

Tibetan Bowls: objects-healers and musical instruments

Where did the Tibetan singing bowls? To this day, these questions are many. The story of these bowls full of mysteries. What are these amazing things? Tibetan singing bowls – an ancient tool of meditation, acquiring in recent years become increasingly popular. Unique fusion of metals used to produce singing bowls, can get sound much different from playing all other musical instruments. Similar sound emitted synthesizers, but the sound of Tibetan bowls, in contrast to the synthesizer, “loaded” due to friction of wood on metal. Continue reading “Tibetan Bowls: objects-healers and musical instruments”