The mystery of Planet X (Nibiru)

Planet X (Nibiru) – is an artificial vessel, crossing our universe, not in orbit, but rather the regular route under the conscious direction of its humanoid volunteers who live within it (but not on its surface). Their aim is to check the unusual destructive power, adversely affecting the neighboring regions of the Cosmos. They, in collaboration with similar groups, several times destroyed hopelessly aggressive civilization on Earth in the past few million years, so we can begin our work anew under more favorable conditions. This is one of the theories.
Planet Nibiru in size about the mean between the size of Uranus and Jupiter.

Nibiru Passage

What is the length of the orbit of Nibiru and why it has not appeared in our time? According to Sitchin, the answer to this question lies in the Sumerian word SAR, which is sometimes denoted Nibiru. Word SAR means Supreme ruler and is associated with the supreme deity Anu, but this word means both the number of 3600 and represented a large circle. In another context, this word gets to the completion of the cycle.

Based on this, as well as other supporting evidence, Sitchin came to the conclusion that the duration of motion Nibiru in its orbit is 3600 Earth years and perihelion close to the asteroid belt. This explains the fact that the planet Nibiru has not appeared in recent years.

Orbit Nibiru

Discovery of new planets for the last two hundred years must more mathematical calculations than the creation of more powerful and sophisticated telescopes. For example, the existence of Neptune was originally established by the calculations of anomalies in the trajectory of Uranus. Likewise, Pluto was detected by observation of the fact that the motion of Neptune to be influenced by some unknown gravitational force.

Following the same principle, astronomers have become convinced that the inexplicable rejection of orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (and to a lesser extent – Jupiter and Saturn) are caused by the existence of another, not yet discovered the planet.

Scientists are so confident in its existence, had already given her name – Planet X – The Tenth Planet (the sun and moon are not planets). Despite recent attempts to refute these arguments, the theory of planet X remains in force.

The tenth planet of the solar system

Planet X – Nibiru?

In 1978, after a decade of stagnation, the theory of planet X has made a giant leap forward. Opening a satellite of Pluto – Charon has made it possible to determine accurately the mass of Pluto, and it turned out that it is much less than expected. This allowed mathematically, with a high degree of accuracy, check the deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. In this regard, two astronomers from the Naval Observatory in Washington once again revived the idea of Planet X. But these two astronomers – Robert Harrington and Tom Van Flandern went much further – with the help of mathematical models, they showed that the planet X pushed Pluto and Charon from their original polonium satellites of Neptune. They suggested that the invading planet was 3-4 times higher than the earth, and that perhaps it was captured in orbit around the Sun and the orbit must have a highly eccentric, highly inclined to the plane of rotation around the sun and its period of rotation around Sun is very large. As if scientists have used for his report, excerpts from the Enuma Elish!

In 1982, NASA officially recognized the possibility of the existence of Planet X, stating that there, far beyond the planets, there is indeed a mysterious celestial body.

A year later, the newly launched IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted in the depths of space a mysterious large object. Newspaper The Washington Post published an interview with the principal investigator of the Laboratory of IRAS rocket and jet engines (CA), which stated: celestial body, possibly the same major as the giant planet Jupiter, and possibly located so close to Earth that it is part of the our solar system was discovered by orbiting telescope in the direction of the constellation Orion … The only thing I can tell you, – said on this subject a principal investigator IRAS Gerry Neugebauer – is that we do not know what it is.


In subsequent years, the search for planet X gave little new information. However, scientists seem to have been convinced that it exists, since continued to build mathematical models based on available data. The data confirmed that the planet X in three to four times greater than Earth’s, its orbit is probably inclined to the ecliptic plane at 30 degrees, and it is far from the Sun at a distance three times greater than the distance to Pluto.

In 1987, NASA issued an official statement that acknowledged the possibility of the existence of Planet X. In the American magazine Newsweek said: Last week, NASA made in its Research Center in Ames (CA) press conference, during which it made a strange statement: it is possible that the sun revolves around the sort of eccentric tenth planet. Keynote speaker, member of NASA, John Anderson suggests that Planet X is here somewhere, though not near the other nine planets. If he is right, it may be that there will be figured out two of the most interesting mysteries of the cosmos:

1) What explains marked in the XIX century, the mysterious deviation orbits of Uranus and Neptune

2) Why did the death of the dinosaurs 26 million years ago [sic!]?

In late 1980, the following happened: first, in scientific journals has launched a campaign against the theory of the existence of Planet X, and, secondly, NASA began to invest more resources in the creation of expensive telescopes based in space.

The campaign against the theory of planet X led by such scholars as K. Krosuell, M. Littman, E. Standish, Jr., and J. Hugues. They cited many of the most ridiculous and strange arguments. Krosuell argued that such a planet can not be, as deflecting action does not affect the spacecraft Pioneer and Voyager. However, he forgot about that, perhaps, Planet X is below the ecliptic and is close to aphelion. Littman ignored all astrometric observations conducted until 1910, in order to eliminate the deviation, although there was no reason to believe that these earlier data were inaccurate. Standish produced small adjustments to the measurements, thus striving to reduce the differences, which indicated the presence of the tenth planet, but, by his own admission, the deviations of only reduced, but not disappeared completely.

Finally, Hugh tried to discredit the theory of planet X with a complex argument, claiming that, when produced by the solar system, there could be enough material to create another planet. Obviously he did not read the Enuma Elish, which clearly states that Marduk, the planet X came from outside the solar system!

Nibiru Photos

All this time, Planet X – Nibiru can be seen only in the southern hemisphere, but in 2009 it should appear in the sky of the northern hemisphere. We are waiting and looking at the sky.

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