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There are many places that are called “wonderful.” There’s always something going on something without any reason on a flat surface formed gullies or deep dips, then crumble strong, newly constructed houses, then crack the earth … Why suddenly? Answering this question leads many versions. However, versions, and conjecture – not true. And what is really happening, how to find the keys to the secrets of underground disasters?
In the summer of 1990 to Udmurtia crawled panicky rumors about the expected “strong blow to the earth tremble. They said that the worst thing the city will have to Tchaikovsky that in the Perm region. He will be in the heart of earthquakes of magnitude 7-8 points. Such in these places has never been, therefore, fear gripped the inhabitants of the republic. But the greatest excitement experienced living in the district center shuffling. He ugotavlivalas very sad fate: because of the voids in the bowels of the village threatened to care for the earth.

Speculation and the prophecies of overgrown intriguing and frightening detail, the mood has become increasingly anxious, and then Izhevskoye radio decided “to defuse the situation – and the ether produced a well-known psychic in the country from the city of Votkinsk. However, he reassured her and other citizens, but rather exacerbated the situation by naming the date and hour when the accident should happen …

Something similar was observed slightly earlier in the neighboring Tatarstan. They also expect “underground storm”, which foretold of psychic village Kukmor. Prophetess behaved very active, plagued with phone calls Administration of Naberezhnye Chelny. Note and Nizhnekamsk.

Soon the east Tartary really shaken, but barely. It is believed that the reason was the intense oil production in the area, resulting in an “unstable underground cavities. There were also another explanation: the impact of seismic activity reservoir Nizhnekamsk HPP. And both versions are quite logical and have a scientific justification. But how true these explanations events remains uncertain, since no instrumental studies have been conducted.

And predrekanie disaster in Udmurtia. Speech by the Izhevsk radio local authority inflated people. “Black August” as the expected invasion of the plague, but neither the number nor the tenth, or the last day of the month nothing happened. Then came calm, and today about the “impending disaster” they say with a smile.


But if all of Udmurtia, as they say, nothing happened, then in the Tula region, near Veneva, a powerful explosion, which caused a lot of gossip and speculation, as “an act that had to be.” Unblown no official explanation, but various versions heaped upon the credulous effusion. The simplest of them – say, a military pilots have lost a bomb – not a success. Where great interest, enjoyed the approval of about UFOs.

To the scene pulled just curious, and especially those who had a reputation in the district UFO, astrologers, visionaries. Elliptical crater size of 60 to 46 and a depth of 10 meters was very impressive. Interest in it has been fueled by the fact that the military categorically denied any involvement in the incident: On the day of flights was not, moreover, all the bombs on the ground.

Supporters alien version persuaded that they saw a strange object in the sky, who raced to the ground. There were “witnesses” who saw a bright glow to the explosions, heard a shrill, whistling sound. Someone claimed that the mysterious objects were two that the form they resembled stacked saucers with lots of holes in a circle. Was said that after the explosion, the second “dish” for some time hung over the crash site, and then rapidly sped up …

The debate became widespread. At the bottom of the crater found scraps of wire, however, quite normal. Find something more substantial without success. I managed to visit the scene much later what had happened. The funnel is still inspired mystery, but it appeared rather prosaic explanation: the explosion under Venev handiwork of geologists.

From the chairman of the regional committee, Emergencies and Ecology V. Zhukova learned and such details: Thirty geologists have drilled wells, laying them about four tons of explosives. This was done on the lands of the farm “Graivoronsky” without the knowledge management economy. Undermining fired without warning. Boomed heavily, here and went to gossip …

Aliens Sasovo

Campus Sasovo that the Ryazan region, also found fame “a wonderful place.” And “miracle” happened twice. In April 1991, jerked to a deserted field. Jerked hard. A huge crater left by a mysterious suicide, explained by amateur researchers utterly boldly: aliens operate through an agent. Some are versions did not. “They” – and that’s it. And the witnesses were, and witnesses, authorities and informal science. But intervened “formal” science and blamed … nitrate. Abandoned in a field covered with earth, it caused the explosion.

Explanation accepted. A convincing argument was the fact that science is well known for similar explosions in a confined space. They took place in the holds of ships carrying ammonium “liter, train wagons, warehouses … The roster of disasters hence the famous outburst at the Deutsche city OPPA, which occurred in 1921. And there was the cause of nitrate.

A year passed, and again Sasovo explosion. At this time celebrating the “informal”. Second explosion left behind. conical funnel, it is said, glowing under the lost aerial bomb did not go under nitrate – also remained natural disaster or something extraterrestrial.

At the end of 1992 at the site of the explosion appeared, scientists from the Institute of Earth Physics, Russia Academy of Sciences. They brought with them equipment, measured, studied, discussed the results. When I arrived in Sasovo, this work was in full swing. On the final conclusions of the expedition leader, doctor of physico-mathematical sciences K. Skovorodkin refused to speak, noting that haste only inflame sensational interpretation of what happened. But some objective data to know possible.

In the cone-shaped funnel registered weakening value of the natural magnetic field, but gravity survey suggests that the phenomenon in the value of the acceleration of gravity: improved. The observations are interesting by the fact that this picture is typical for earthquakes.

It would seem that sensation will not, but then something unexpected happened. In Ryazan Committee on anomalous phenomena was a man and said: “The explosion in Sasovo made me.”

The newcomer to the committee in confidence reported that the aliens taught him to travel the universe, revealed to him a number of earth mysteries and help draw energy from the cosmos. On their flights to other worlds N. told, as usual for his action. But added that he is flying, not physically but in the astral body. ” Described this “body” in the form of a luminous ball. Stating that over Sasovo began flying in February 1991, in one of these flights, and was ordered to blow up the rest in a field of fertilizers.

So once again a version of the ammonium nitrate.


However, there are two versions that claim to truth. The first relates to the explosion Sasovo with activation of tectonic processes. They were accompanied by atmospheric phenomena (as explained luminous education), and tremors, which caused shifts of karst rocks. They, in turn, have blurred the groundwater.

A second hypothesis is more sensational, though depriving observers “miracle” on the supposition that they saw the cosmic fireball or alien spacecraft. It follows that the crater was formed as a result of falling ice chunks, like the Tunguska meteorite. It saw a lot of similarities: sound, brightness, push …

Thus, versions and speculation abound: aliens, meteor strike, earthquake, underground dilution zone, the death of a UFO … But none of these judgments, even those that are based on instrumental research does not explain the mysterious phenomenon completely.

But the search for clues to the mystery joined scientists from the Institute of Chemical Physics. Head of the Laboratory of the Institute for Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences K. Shvedov believes that no mystery sasovskom no explosion. There is a science. Upon investigation, prosecutors may be assumed that at the explosion site had been stored for more than 30 tons of ammonium nitrate. Under certain conditions, she was able to take off. Where are the traces of where the evidence where the evidence? All these questions Shvedov responsible way: “The explosion of themes and different, that cover their tracks, leaving becomes difficult to restore the initial situation.”

Suppose so. Assume that the other versions put forward by science, does not involve mystical speculation or anything else. But the point in sasovskogo “miracle” is too early. It is no accident in this area are going to new expedition.

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