Secrets of the anomalous zones

29 Oct

When the fog descends, the locals do not go beyond this site. In Ulyanovsk region is a small town Sengiley, next to which one of the well-worn roads is a strange anomaly zone. When it sometimes goes over the fog, locals know that go beyond the perceptible three hundred meters plot of fog is impossible: the traveler will return to the starting point. Parapsychologists argue that in places inhabited by whoring – restless souls of the dead in the woods and not buried in church suicide, innocent victims and even the soldiers who died on the battlefield. Similar cases from time to time fixed by them in various countries around the world, especially in places where fierce battles took place with a large number of victims. Such signs should not be afraid, however, need to remember that they can utyanut for an adventurer who ventured to pursue it.

In this place live restless souls innocently killed

This hole is located near the village of Yulovo Inzenskij area. Local residents believe that once there fell a large meteorite. Failure is a bad place, because we know many cases where people who wanted to look into it, disappeared without a trace. Bad reputation for entrenched mossy swamp, which, according to the guard not less than five thousand years. According to legend, in the mid 19 th century from the knife robber killed a monk in a swamp. Body drowned in the quagmire, and buried according to Orthodox custom, the monk could not. Since then it dispensable soul does not find a place and hovers over the marsh. It is said that this swamp sucked a few people.


In the local forest, located near the village of Yulovo, there are three round holes, which brim full of putrid water. The most interesting thing is that the pits are so right form, it seems that they drew up on the ground a huge tsirkulem.Soglasno legend, a few thousand years ago, here the sky fell, three red-hot stones – and appeared “smelly pits. But why are they such a perfect shape, and why the water is never dries out – nobody knows. Some argue that these pits are filled with healing water from underground sources – so the water in them never wanes, even in the driest summers. However, the exact answer to find it was not possible. Are daredevils who are not afraid to dive and swim in the fetid water. Some swimming brings great relief to the disease, but lucky try not to talk about luck. Doctor of the local TB dispensary once sent the healing water for analysis to Moscow, where she was recognized healing.

One of the most amazing places Mainsk district – “the tract Edelevo”

To the west of Chirikeeva is one of the most amazing places Mainsk district – “the tract Edelevo. In 1653, here on the bank of the river with the biblical name Ierusalimka, was granted land seven Mordvin Murza taken “on the state service.” Soon most of the land was left behind one of them – Prince AP Edelevym, founded the village. His son, IA Yedelev

built it in the years 1729-1737 a wooden church in the name of the apostles Peter and Paul, and the village became a village of Petropavlovsk. In 1922, writes Mainsk ethnographer Vladimir Vorobiev, in the village was established farmers association “Perfection”. Having existed for several decades, the farm fell into decay, and the village passed into the category of “endangered” and disappeared. His disappearance still can not be explained, however, many believe that the tract Edelevo among the so-called “anomalous zones”.

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