Mysterious place where violated the laws of gravity

26 Oct

In California, near the city of Santa Cruz, is an amazing place in the existence of which is hard to believe, even when he saw his own eyes. Small fields, referred to, is located on the slope of a gently sloping hill, overgrown with huge gum trees. For decades, the Santa Cruz rush of the crowd of tourists, because of the clearing mysterious things occur, or, as they say, – the abnormal phenomenon.

Approaching this area there is people from afar. Begins to flutter, the heart, there is a state of mild euphoria. All this could be attributed to a small rise, which has to overcome in order to look at the “anomalous meadow, but there are realities which can not be neglected. Near the city of Santa Cruz is home truly unique place and amaze anyone.
At the boundary of the anomalous zone on earth is two-meter concrete beam. One end is outside the field, ie on usual territory, and the other located in the zone of mysterious forces. The guide, usually accompanies the tourists, pulled out of the bag a special device by which we can see that the beam is horizontal. Then he invited the two comers, and approximately the same height, from among the members of the group to stand on its opposite ends. And then all of us notice that a person standing at the end of the beam, located in the anomalous zone, appears much lower than his partner. Thereafter, the subjects are swapped, and everything is repeated: a man who turned out in the zone becomes shorter!

Mysterious meadow near Santa Cruz, discovered 60 years ago, George Preyzer. Doctor to whom he turned over the headaches, appointed him to walk in the fresh air. One day, walking around the city, Preyzer suddenly felt in a meadow, lost among the thickets of eucalyptus, it feels like it is particularly easy. George began to come there every day and soon got rid of the headaches. Relieved, he built a hut in a clearing, and dwelt in it.
This cabin stands there to this day, though, the roof had already collapsed and the walls are heavily distorted. People trying to get close to the structure, feel a strange pressure: they think in their way stands an invisible elastic wall, which is difficult to overcome. We have to strongly lean forward and move with visible effort, as the wind.

It is noticed that the compass, brought to the clearing, starts to behave very strangely. He correctly shows the compass only meter height, but if it is below the lower, the arrow begins to spin wildly.

In a clearing, with a slope to its center, a wooden ‘trench about five feet long. If the power to put the chute heavy metal ball, he should undertake the almost half-way. In the middle of the ball stops, and then building up speed, rolling back. Also strange behavior in the meadow and non-metallic objects. In the center of the same hut, built by George Preyzerom, once a week at the end of the day (usually on Tuesdays) for a few seconds there are conditions that simulate weightlessness. People who were there at the time, suddenly soared up to the ceiling!

By the way, in Russia, near Krasnoyarsk, is a rock red crest, which recorded similar gravity anomalies. A resident of Angarsk V. Antrakov found in those places in the summer of 1977. “After rising to the red crest, I stopped and admired a view of the canyon opened Bazanh, – he told reporters after a while. – On the cliff there were three other boys about twelve years old. Suddenly, what kind of force squeezed my head, pinned down his hands, legs, tore me from the ground, lifted into the air and carried him toward the cliff. I realized that now fall to the bottom of the gorge and break. I was engulfed horror. Immediately, a mysterious force has weakened the grip, and I crashed on the slope from a height of three meters. Hair of the dog, but not much. He got up and went down to no longer to tempt fate. In front of me with all the legs in fear of the boys ran away. Two years later, I was walking along the very bottom of the canyon. There was not a single person. And suddenly I got such a strong push in the chest that fell on his back. I immediately realized that once again faced with the same mysterious force that when it lifted me into the air. ”

Something similar is happening in the meadow near the town of San ta Cruz. People who are present at a certain time, could see a sudden manifestation of gravitational anomalies. Guides are a special pleasure, watching as the tourists who argue that this can not be suddenly find themselves knocked down an unknown force or, helplessly waving his arms and legs fly up to the ceiling of the old huts.

One of the guides, Bill Hopkins, spent in the anomalous zone is about 30 years, says that many tourists who had heard about the local wonders, come with various devices. One Japanese, for example, brought a laser emitter. By including him, he was surprised to find that in the epicenter zone of the laser beam, going strictly horizontally, suddenly leaned down.
Was surprising and a few trees in the meadow: their trunks have a helical shape. The researchers of anomalous phenomena suggest that this form is due to the unusual arrangement of trunks lines of magnetic and electric fields.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the existence of the anomalous zone is known for more than 60 years, she has not been the subject of serious scientific research. The City of Santa Cruz prefer to use it as bait for tourists interested in the mysterious territory on the planet.

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