Mysteries of the Ural megaliths

In the Urals, meets many strange stone structures of artificial origin (megaliths), full of riddles and mysteries. So, on the left bank of the river Cinar, above the village of Ust-Bagaryak Kunashakskogo district, lies the miraculous stone Mahadi-Tash. He still serves as a sanctuary for the local Tatar population. On limestone, furrowed with cracks in the blocks are indented – according to legend, left her holy Mahadi, who once sat on the stone. And on the shores of Lake Big Allakov stacked boulders, one of which bears the eyes, nose and mouth. Man-Made it work, or a freak of nature, but the face is a bit like an ancient Egyptian sphinx. And the stones were traces of rock paintings painted ocher images of some animals, dancing little people with horns.
According to some researchers, it could be aliens with antennae on their heads. In Kartalinsky area come across unusual mounds. From the height can be seen that the stones are formed in a certain order. In the center of each mound is a stone embankment, from which retreat to the east two stone “whiskers” – the ridge of stones or chains, laid out the stele. Locals call them “the mounds with a mustache.” Interestingly, they are constructed of four species of stone: granite, basalt, slate gray plastic and white quartzite.

On the shore of Lake Big Allakov stacked boulders

The purpose of these structures is unclear. In any case, it is not burial: no graves, researchers have found. Perhaps the mound – a sanctuary, built in honor of the leaders. In form they resemble the yurt, which put the Turks in the steppe: the central mound represents the owner, and the “whiskers” – female and male half of which are shared Turkic zhilischa.Odin of mounds checked with a metal detector to detect artifacts. Alas – no findings. According to the Director of the Archaeological Research Center Sergey Botalova, using “cipher stone” ancient tribe just wanted to bequeath to posterity some coded information, which is currently impossible to read. Even more interesting story happened to a island in Lake Turgoyak, who called the island of the Faith. Once upon a time there lived in a dug-out recluse, a merchant’s daughter Vera.Inzhener and amateur archaeologist, Vladimir Korolev, whose hobby – find megaliths, first drew attention to the oddity: a stone ceiling “dwelling” weighs at least 17 tons. How weak reclusive managed to build his house? His suspicions were justified: as a result of archaeological expeditions to the island were found traces of ancient buildings and burial.

Once upon a time there lived in a dugout recluse, merchant’s daughter Vera

Hardly a huge boulder on the “legs” of small pebbles or a giant stone turtle are freaks of nature. All too are “living”, as if in motion! Moreover, as found meticulous Korolev, they are all made of various types of stone and subject to physical laws. This could be done only by men. Last summer, a psychic

said the Queen, that the aura of the island Faith violated. Vladimir initially did not give him a special significance, but a few days, archaeologists friends told him that all the stone finds on the island for some reason began to collapse. Vladimir Korolev plans to draw up a guide to Chelyabinsk megaliths, and then clear up the general picture megalithic “lifting the curtain on the legendary history of the Urals. In addition, the researcher hopes that he will be able to answer many questions concerning the origin of megaliths in the area.

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