Fire ceases to be Greek

01 Oct

Vain were the attempts of the Arabs and Slavs, to feel the full force of the Greek fire, from the Byzantines to know the secret of this terrible weapon. Neither the subsequent convergence or affinity of some of the great Russian princes and the Byzantine emperors to no avail.

More than five centuries of Byzantium kept secret of Greek fire, and, if not treason, it has managed to maintain a monopoly on even more.

But it so happened that in 1210 the Byzantine Emperor Alexios III had been deprived of the throne and fled to the Sultan of Iconium. The Sultan gave him a special trust, appointed commander of the army.

And there is nothing surprising in the fact that eight years later, the Crusaders and the siege Damiety (in 1218), Oliver L Ekolator argued that the Arabs used Greek fire against the Crusaders.

It is possible that the secret of Greek fire was the property not only Arabs but also the Slavs.

When Kama Bulgars invaded the ancient Russian city Ustyug, Grand Prince Vladimir sent his brother George Svyatoslav with a strong militia to curb invaders.

In 1219 the Russian attack on the city Kama Bulgars Oshel, “… and went ahead peshtsy with fire and axes, followed by archers … pristupisha to the city, everywhere zazhgosha it, and there was a storm and the smoke is great on so pull … “- so this event chronicles.

It is known that in 1301 took possession of Novgorod Land-skronoy, using a “fire and a sling.

According to some accounts, Tamerlane (1333-1405) was also armed with Greek fire.

Once the secret of Greek fire became the property of many people, it has lost its meaning, l chronicles telling of sea and land battles of the XIII century and the first half of the XIV century, almost no mention of it.

The last record of him made the historian Francis, describing the siege of Constantinople in 1453, Mohammed II. When the siege of Greek fire was used and the Byzantines and the Turks.

The use of Greek fire lasted for seven centuries, until the entry into Europe of gunpowder and the appearance of a fire arm.

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