Experiments on the materialization of the medium Bailey!

The name of an Australian medium Charles Bailey (about 1870 – 1947) most often mentioned in connection with its ability to create apporty – some strange distant objects, which materialized in the room where sessions were held. He was a member of the Melbourne cup spiritualist Thomas Stanford, a wealthy American businessman and brother of the founder of Stanford University.

In 1903, Bailey took part in several meetings organized by Charles McCarthy, a doctor in Sydney. They were attended by 30 people. Bailey always searched, however, not stripped, and then placed in a canvas bag, which is tightly tied around the neck and wrists. His hands were asked to leave free, to “take apporty fragile. When the sessions are not conducted, enter the room could only McCarthy and his two assistants. Total appeared 54 apporta, among which were plates with inscriptions, small birds, coins, semi-precious stones, the newspaper in Arabic, crab and a big shark dying.

Although McCarthy in the book “Rigorous testing in the occult sciences” (1904) excluded the deception, many considered the submission Bailey suspicious. Museum experts have argued that the antiquities had been fabricated. Nevertheless, in its heyday, the turn of the century until his death in 1947, Charles Bailey, nevertheless became a celebrity in Melbourne and Sydney, where he is about once a week arranged magical passages. Bailey was subjected to testing in Australia, Britain and European countries, and often it is found guilty of fraud. He bought two “birds for apportov” immediately before a session in France, and in 1914 when, during a session in Sydney four men “materialized” a spectator grabbed one of them, found in his hand a thin mosquito setka.Chtoby avoid further checks it uses questionable methods, Bailey went into hiding under the name of the medium Mills-Tanner.

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