Drop of blood defending every inch of his native land

On Green Island, which separates the River Don into two branches near the city of Rostov-on-Don, long walk a cooling blood rumors. In the local press has even been nicknamed “little Bermuda.” Old-timers tell us that the notoriety of this place go back to the mid 20-ies, when the townspeople began to pass from mouth to mouth scary stories about ghosts, being alive on the island drowned and even mermaids. Nowadays the most widespread rumors that there had once crashed alien ship or a meteorite crashed into the ground. Before the Great Patriotic War, the island took the troops of the NKVD, and something at night were taken out in trucks. But not too late. Already in autumn 1941 the Nazis broke through to Rostov.
A regiment of the NKVD was the death to defend a deserted island, and he died almost at full strength, giving the opportunity and time professionals take away in the rear of something mysterious. Black Stone On “strange supernatural” phenomena, locals say many stories. Most of them appear a certain virtual black stone. Why virtual? Because neither we nor the many scientific expeditions to find it failed. Meanwhile, witnesses phenomena claim that not only saw this stone, but have felt its impact, as a rule, neuro-psychological characteristics. For example, a group of young rostovchan shows that once sailed to the island by boat for a picnic, the guys ran into an unusual black stone, which, as it were hung a few inches above the ground. He began to publish an unpleasant buzzing sound. The ground beneath his feet began to vibrate, and the outlines of objects around as if “flowed” blurred. All this led to the children’s excruciating headache and a feeling of panic. They scattered in all directions. I calmed down only after an hour, when they came in a boat and sailed from the island at a decent distance. A few days later the boys ventured once more to visit the island, but no stone was found and no unusual sensations are not experienced. A different story happened to a family rostovchan. Father, mother and six year old daughter resting on the island. While the parents were engaged in fire and cooking, her daughter disappeared. Father and mother a few times ran about the island, have repeatedly searched the tent – the child in the water sank. Only two hours later the girl found sleeping in a tent … although for ten minutes before the mother who once looked there. Waking up the girl told me that, departing far from the shore, I saw a black buzzing stone. Only touched his hand, so immediately and fell asleep. What happened to her more and as got into the tent, the girl could not remember. SATAN’S CHERRY superficially island is very different from the neighboring shores of the Don. It is covered with an unusually lush, you might say, a giant vegetation, though some experienced the mutation process. Here, for example, can be found cherry trees, the fruit of which is 4-6 times more common. Only the locals do not eat them. Is believed

that have tried these berries after a while ill with an unknown disease of Science and dies in agony. Told us about the failed experiment of the Soviet era. In the early 80-ies on desert islands, local authorities decided to create a “pioneer republic” – a recreation area for students. Were imported building materials, built the foundations of future buildings and sports facilities. But suddenly stopped working and never resumed. Moscow writer Alex Priyma, until 1973 lived in Rostov, and is still studying its problems, argues that the construction has ceased, as in the soil were found rare chemical elements hazardous to health. Among them are those that are not found on Earth in a free state. Apparently, they are involved in the mutational processes in the island vegetation. We were unable to find documentary evidence of those referred Priymoy studies. If construction stopped really because of a dangerous concentration on the island of rare earth elements, the question arises: how they came here? Perhaps, indeed NKVD regiment defended the Nazis from something unusual? WONDER feat on the Green is really a headstone she established in memory of the 230 th regiment of the NKVD which stood here during the war to the death. Already mentioned Alex Priyma claims that he once read the memoirs of a former employee of the NKVD. They talked about that before the war on the island of the crash landing, flying device without wings “. This immediately transferred enkavedeshnikov as UFOs took over a secret Nazi aircraft or missile. Part of this “gadget” tried to remove the rear until the arrival of the Germans. We appealed to the Central Archive of the FSB, requesting official information about the “UFO” of the 230-th regiment of the NKVD. There is not confirmed, but have not refuted this possibility in the absence of any documents at all on our bodies with UFOs. As the director of the archive, all these materials before 1991 were transferred to a private Ukrainian Research Institute, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union attempts to recover them failed. Nevertheless, we managed to obtain archival document “Characteristics of hostilities 230-th regiment of the NKVD” signed by the Chief of Staff, 56 Army Major General Arushanyana and commissar of Staff 56-Army colonel Commissioner Bransburga. It provides, inter alia, observed: “The regiment is within 7 days of fierce fighting for the lead on. Green, which sent the most ferocious enemy attacks. Despite the apparent superiority of enemy forces, fire vehicles, as well as favorable terrain, the regiment bravely and persistently defended the occupation of the area of defense. The loss of the regiment in killed and wounded amounted to more than 90 percent. ” The document says nothing about other problems of the regiment, and “flying saucers”. But he is no less important to us and interesting, because the evidence of the great miracle of heroism of our people, to the last

drop of blood defending every inch of his native land.

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