Bermuda Triangle – 2 mystery solved

Journalists uncovered two mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. The investigation, conducted with the participation of channel BBC, allowed to explain the reasons for the disappearance of two passenger planes in 1948 and 1949 – are technical problems and fuel shortages.

The Bermuda Triangle has a sinister reputation as the area where planes and ships disappear – supposedly without any apparent reason and without leaving any traces. British journalists and experts in the field of aviation partially dispelled the myth of the mysterious zone of the globe.

BBC attracted the attention of two cases with the loss of a triangle of aircraft companies British South American Airways (BSAA). This firm, one of the first organized the transportation of passengers across the Atlantic Ocean, belongs to the dismal record of the number of accidents near Bermuda. For three years happened on 11 serious accidents, which resulted in the loss of five aircraft, killing 723 passengers and 22 crew. A disaster on Jan. 30, 1948 and January 17, 1949 also contributed the formation of the legend of the mysterious triangle.

How was it?

Now planes can fly at near Moscow Sheremetyevo, at an altitude of about 10 km to cross Europe and the Atlantic Ocean and then to land in New York. The first passenger planes were flying quite differently: lost at sea two liner model “AVRO Tudor could fly in a straight line no more than 6 thousand kilometers, so neither of which even a direct flight from London to New York speech did not go.

Instead, the planes flew first to the Azores, refuel it with fuel, flew to Bermuda and thence sent to the United States or the Caribbean. “Star” Tiger “, which is January 30, 1948 was supposed to land in Bermuda, to its goal, however, not reached. The Commission, which investigated the incident, admitted that there was no reason for the disaster was not – and it passed into the category of unexplained mysteries.

Almost a year later, on 17 January 1949, the pilot of another aircraft, the “Star Ariel”, saying during a scheduled communication session an hour after the departure of their whereabouts, then the link did not come out. And once again unable to find any traces: sent in search of vessels and aircraft have not found any bodies or wreckage.

Mysticism or routine?

Of course, along with several other reports of loss of aircraft (for example, the U.S. Air Force in 1945 lost five machines), two accidents led to a variety of versions. Until frank fiction: alien spaceships that arise due to special weather conditions in the atmosphere, laser beams and portals to other worlds. Version BBC modest and yet convincing.

According to the agency involved aviation experts, the main problem has become extremely unreliable design of the aircraft. “Avro Tudor” could climb to an altitude of more than 9 thousand meters, but at such a height required to include special heaters: Frost minus40 degrees Celsius threatened not only the inconvenience to passengers. The pilot of the “Star Tiger” Faced with the refusal of the heater, was forced to reduce altitude up to 600 m, which resulted in at once two other problems.

Firstly, a reason planes fly at high altitude: they lower the air resistance and therefore fuel consumption. Near the surface warmer, but the fuel consumption increases dramatically: “Tiger” could simply not hold out to the airfield, especially considering the fact that he was blown off course, ran into unexpectedly strong head wind and eventually delayed by at least an hour.

The second problem with low height – is that if the ship suddenly begins to fall, then at correcting his course of time for pilots is much lower. “From this height you can for a few seconds to fall into the sea”, – says Eric Newton, a visiting expert to investigate the crashes. Add to a small lead time, low fuel – and for the disappearance of the aircraft will not need references to aliens or other mysterious reasons.

However, low-altitude flight and the inherent problems of the conclusions BBC is not limited. The authors investigate found out that the Azores “Tiger” has arrived not only with the heater go haywire, but with a faulty compass. Golden Storey, a former pilot and flight leader that the airline BSAA, shared his memories about how were arranged “Avro Tudor inside. According to the pilot, under the floor of the cabin was a terrible mess: the hydraulic piping system, through which manages liner, side by side with the air conditioning system and heater.

Heater – the same broken-down – worked on aviation fuel and was a red-hot pipe in dangerous proximity to vital control system. If the hydraulic system leaked, I used it in conjunction with pairs of liquid fuels can contribute to an explosion and fire, which, without an automatic fire extinguishing system would lead to rapid death of the liner. “In this compartment was not even alarm – said Stohr. – Why the fire would have never learned. ”

40 years later

In the proposed 40 years later version, there is no mystery. On cruise ships, which were originally conceived as military bombers, not all systems have been worked out and perfected, fuel is not allowed to fly over the ocean directly, and on satellite navigation, of course, there was no question. If in 2009 did not immediately able to find the wreckage of a modern, well equipped A330 airliner, disappeared in the skies over the Atlantic – that speak of the very first passenger flights across the ocean? Especially as the 38 built by Avro Tudor “almost one in five lost, broken or burned.

In the Bermuda Triangle, by the way, most small planes broke that too is hardly a strange and mysterious. Meanwhile, the weather conditions in this region are quite complex. Without any unusual phenomena they combined with human error and equipment failures is enough for regular updating of the list is distressingly disasters.

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