Answer me that the fire was discovered angel

01 Oct

Byzantine emperors immediately appreciated the strategic importance of the new combat funds. Leo Philosopher ordered to cook Greek fire only in clandestine laboratories, and Constantine VII Porfirorodny announced his recipe for making a state secret.
To preserve it, he used all available at his disposal an arsenal of intimidation and secrecy.
In a warning to his son, the future heir to the throne, he was in “Discourses on Government, wrote:” You should most worry about the Greek fire … and if someone dares to ask him about you, how often have we asked ourselves, rejects those requests and said he would open fire was the Angel of Constantine, the first Christian emperor.

The great emperor, in a warning to his successors ordered the cut in the temple on the throne of a curse on anyone who dares to transfer this discovery strangers … “This warning could not play its role in maintaining the secrecy of the Greek-fire for many centuries ..

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