Bermuda Triangle – 2 mystery solved

Journalists uncovered two mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. The investigation, conducted with the participation of channel BBC, allowed to explain the reasons for the disappearance of two passenger planes in 1948 and 1949 – are technical problems and fuel shortages. The Bermuda Triangle has a sinister reputation as the area where planes and ships disappear… Read more Bermuda Triangle – 2 mystery solved

“Bermuda Triangle” is also in Russia

Local areas of the earth’s surface, where for unknown reasons, are killed or disappear people, known for a long time. In ancient times, such places were called perished, or damnable devil. There are anomalous zones attract attention of scientists and enthusiastic researchers who are trying to scientifically explain their deadly osobennosti.Do far the most extensive… Read more “Bermuda Triangle” is also in Russia


There are many places that are called “wonderful.” There’s always something going on something without any reason on a flat surface formed gullies or deep dips, then crumble strong, newly constructed houses, then crack the earth … Why suddenly? Answering this question leads many versions. However, versions, and conjecture – not true. And what is… Read more Sheer OF DISH

Experiments on the materialization of the medium Bailey!

The name of an Australian medium Charles Bailey (about 1870 – 1947) most often mentioned in connection with its ability to create apporty – some strange distant objects, which materialized in the room where sessions were held. He was a member of the Melbourne cup spiritualist Thomas Stanford, a wealthy American businessman and brother of… Read more Experiments on the materialization of the medium Bailey!