Bermuda Triangle – 2 mystery solved

Journalists uncovered two mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. The investigation, conducted with the participation of channel BBC, allowed to explain the reasons for the disappearance of two passenger planes in 1948 and 1949 – are technical problems and fuel shortages.

The Bermuda Triangle has a sinister reputation as the area where planes and ships disappear – supposedly without any apparent reason and without leaving any traces. British journalists and experts in the field of aviation partially dispelled the myth of the mysterious zone of the globe.
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The mystery of Planet X (Nibiru)

Planet X (Nibiru) – is an artificial vessel, crossing our universe, not in orbit, but rather the regular route under the conscious direction of its humanoid volunteers who live within it (but not on its surface). Their aim is to check the unusual destructive power, adversely affecting the neighboring regions of the Cosmos. They, in collaboration with similar groups, several times destroyed hopelessly aggressive civilization on Earth in the past few million years, so we can begin our work anew under more favorable conditions. This is one of the theories.
Planet Nibiru in size about the mean between the size of Uranus and Jupiter.
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Secrets of the anomalous zones

When the fog descends, the locals do not go beyond this site. In Ulyanovsk region is a small town Sengiley, next to which one of the well-worn roads is a strange anomaly zone. When it sometimes goes over the fog, locals know that go beyond the perceptible three hundred meters plot of fog is impossible: the traveler will return to the starting point. Parapsychologists argue that in places inhabited by whoring – restless souls of the dead in the woods and not buried in church suicide, innocent victims and even the soldiers who died on the battlefield. Similar cases from time to time fixed by them in various countries around the world, especially in places where fierce battles took place with a large number of victims. Such signs should not be afraid, however, need to remember that they can utyanut for an adventurer who ventured to pursue it.
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“Bermuda Triangle” is also in Russia

Local areas of the earth’s surface, where for unknown reasons, are killed or disappear people, known for a long time. In ancient times, such places were called perished, or damnable devil. There are anomalous zones attract attention of scientists and enthusiastic researchers who are trying to scientifically explain their deadly osobennosti.Do far the most extensive anomalous zone is the Bermuda Triangle. It is estimated that over the past 150 years there has disappeared under mysterious circumstances at least 50 ships and 20 aircraft, with the victims of the triangle are approximately 1000 chelovek.A whether there are such dangerous anomalous areas in Russia? It would be surprising if, in our vast territory not find at least some godforsaken mest.Naibolee known and least mysterious death trap in Russia is the famous Death Valley in Kamchatka, which has become known in nachale30 years of XX century, when hunters have lost their dogs, stumbled upon their dead bodies in the Upper Geyser River at the foot of the volcano Kihpinych. Continue reading ““Bermuda Triangle” is also in Russia”


There are many places that are called “wonderful.” There’s always something going on something without any reason on a flat surface formed gullies or deep dips, then crumble strong, newly constructed houses, then crack the earth … Why suddenly? Answering this question leads many versions. However, versions, and conjecture – not true. And what is really happening, how to find the keys to the secrets of underground disasters?
In the summer of 1990 to Udmurtia crawled panicky rumors about the expected “strong blow to the earth tremble. They said that the worst thing the city will have to Tchaikovsky that in the Perm region. He will be in the heart of earthquakes of magnitude 7-8 points. Continue reading “Sheer OF DISH”

Mysteries of the Ural megaliths

In the Urals, meets many strange stone structures of artificial origin (megaliths), full of riddles and mysteries. So, on the left bank of the river Cinar, above the village of Ust-Bagaryak Kunashakskogo district, lies the miraculous stone Mahadi-Tash. He still serves as a sanctuary for the local Tatar population. On limestone, furrowed with cracks in the blocks are indented – according to legend, left her holy Mahadi, who once sat on the stone. And on the shores of Lake Big Allakov stacked boulders, one of which bears the eyes, nose and mouth. Man-Made it work, or a freak of nature, but the face is a bit like an ancient Egyptian sphinx. And the stones were traces of rock paintings painted ocher images of some animals, dancing little people with horns. Continue reading “Mysteries of the Ural megaliths”

In a world no place for randomness! (mystical coincidence)

These mysterious, one might even say, mystical coincidences cause to shudder and to think that we live in a world where nothing happens by accident, and all the events planned in advance higher powers … Peering closely at the dates that mysteriously fills our lives, we can see how we go through the maze of fate, which is twisted in a spiral, each time bringing to life new strangeness.
Napoleon – Hitler
Napoleon was born in 1760 g.Gitler was born in 1889 (difference 129 years)
Napoleon came to power in 1804 g.Gitler came to power in 1933 (difference 129 years)
Napoleon entered Vienna in 1812 g.Gitler went to Vienna in 1941 (difference 129 years)
Napoleon lost the war in 1816 g.Gitler lost the war in 1945 (difference 129 years)
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What smells like the moon?

I’d like to send you a pinch of lunar dust, “- says Apollo astronaut Gene Dzhernan-17 -” It’s an amazing dust ”
Groping her soft as snow, but at the same time reminds abrasive powder. A bad taste, according to Apollo 16 astronaut John Yanggu. And her smell like the smell of gunpowder, as the Dzhernan.
But how do they smelled it? Very simple. You do not need to sniff the lunar povehnost. Dust okazal unusually clingy and remained not only on the boots and gloves, but on the whole surface of the spacesuit, the astronauts how carefully it is not clear. Dust, and in significant amounts, penetrated into the lander. Taking off his spacesuit, the astronauts chuvstvali that the lunar dust is also here and could feel her taste and smell. Continue reading “What smells like the moon?”

Drop of blood defending every inch of his native land

On Green Island, which separates the River Don into two branches near the city of Rostov-on-Don, long walk a cooling blood rumors. In the local press has even been nicknamed “little Bermuda.” Old-timers tell us that the notoriety of this place go back to the mid 20-ies, when the townspeople began to pass from mouth to mouth scary stories about ghosts, being alive on the island drowned and even mermaids. Nowadays the most widespread rumors that there had once crashed alien ship or a meteorite crashed into the ground. Before the Great Patriotic War, the island took the troops of the NKVD, and something at night were taken out in trucks. But not too late. Already in autumn 1941 the Nazis broke through to Rostov. Continue reading “Drop of blood defending every inch of his native land”

Experiments on the materialization of the medium Bailey!

The name of an Australian medium Charles Bailey (about 1870 – 1947) most often mentioned in connection with its ability to create apporty – some strange distant objects, which materialized in the room where sessions were held. He was a member of the Melbourne cup spiritualist Thomas Stanford, a wealthy American businessman and brother of the founder of Stanford University.

In 1903, Bailey took part in several meetings organized by Charles McCarthy, a doctor in Sydney. They were attended by 30 people. Bailey always searched, however, not stripped, and then placed in a canvas bag, which is tightly tied around the neck and wrists. His hands were asked to leave free, to “take apporty fragile. When the sessions are not conducted, enter the room could only McCarthy and his two assistants. Total appeared 54 apporta, among which were plates with inscriptions, small birds, coins, semi-precious stones, the newspaper in Arabic, crab and a big shark dying.
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