Unicorn – a fictional creature. encountered in the folklore of many countries, in China, for example, it means abundance and longevity. In the West, especially in heraldry, a unicorn – it is elegant, but the savage beast, like a horse, but with a goatee, kicking antelope, the tail of a lion and a horn in the center of the forehead, so acute that anyone can cut yourself just by touching the tip . In Christian art is associated with a dove and a lamb, according to legend, can be caught only a chaste virgin, sitting alone in the woods: feeling its purity, the unicorn can come up to her, put her head in her lap and fall asleep. From these legends, he pack a symbol of purity, in particular, women. Also, it is an allegory of Christ. Because Christ raised up an horn of salvation for us “(Luke 1:69) and the horn of a unicorn became a symbol of the cross. Since we assumed that the horn is able to clean everything it touches (crushed to powder “unicorn horn” was included in medieval recipes, and apothecaries sold as an antidote to the late 17 th century), he came to symbolize the power of Christ to resist sin. Also, the unicorn could be a symbol of rage and, according to one writer, 13 century, “symbolized the death, which always follows a man trying to seize him.” Leonardo da Vinci believed the unicorn a symbol of lust.

In heraldry the unicorn began to appear with the 15 th century, is best known today as “podderzhivatelya” royal symbol of Scotland, when James VI of Scotland became in 1603 the King of England, James I, he replaced uelsskogo dragon at the Scottish unicorn.

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