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30 Sep

In ancient times, lived in Iran Firidun king, who became the first winner mumiyo. The legend tells how one of the commanders of the king one day hunting gazelle stalked and fired an arrow at him, piercing through the ridge.

Second arrow hit the leg of an animal. But the gazelle fell and began to flee. He reached the cave in a rocky hill and disappeared into it.

What was surprising sharpshooters, returning a week later to place unsuccessful hunting: gazelle with an arrow sticking in his back quietly graze near the caves, as if nothing has happened to him.

They cracked down, the hunters caught the animal. Outside and inside the wound they saw some black wax-like substance. It was discovered in a cave, collected and presented the king Firidun. He commanded the wise men to find out what properties of the substance has.

The wise men told: black watery substance oozing from the cracks of rocks. His lick animals and birds pecking, and here are healed of their sickness, heal poranennye place and was broken bones.

The king immediately ordered to put in a cave hour, and entrance lay a large stone. The cave opened once a year to remove accumulated mumiyo and after treatment to send to the royal treasury.

The area is located in northern Iran and called Dorob, hence the Iranian mumiyo – “mumiyo doroby. And now in the mountains Doroba annually produces 600-1200 g of this healing substance.

Nowadays, when mumiyo as medicine, seemed to be forgotten, found that the substance is distributed almost everywhere – even in Antarctica, where he brought a Soviet geologist Konovalov.

Thanks to the efforts of Tashkent doctors, especially doctors of medical sciences A. Shakirov, the practice of treating people with mumiyo crossed the stage of the experiment.

Thus, the sensations are revived. But the mystery of origin mumiyo still shrouded in mystique.

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