Fire Monsters

In our world there are places where strong enough to stamp a few times that of the ground climbed “the fiery monsters. There is in Tajikistan on the river Vakhsh mysterious mound, built of rounded stones. Mysterious, because scientists have not agreed about its origin. Some say that the eight-mound just pile-bin, which are composed… Read more Fire Monsters

Monster Romanian lake

“In the Loch Ness monster, seems to have the Romanian” brother “who lives in Lake Tarnica, in the Western Carpathians. – A sensation was the photograph “tarnitskogo monster” who recently made a accidental local tourists in the surrounding mountains. “At first it seemed to us a great tree, nailed a wave to shore, – says… Read more Monster Romanian lake

Phoenix – an ancient symbol of immortality, rebirth of the sun

Phoenix – an ancient symbol of immortality, rebirth of the sun. This mythical bird is painted in gold and red, symbolizing the rising sun. It was believed that the phoenix lived in the Arab deserts and live 500 years. Sensing the approach of death, makes the pyre of wild cinnamon leaves, while singing a dirge… Read more Phoenix – an ancient symbol of immortality, rebirth of the sun

Goblin is considered the master of the forest

Summer – this is the time of year when people remember more than usual Slavic folklore characters such as goblins, water, mermaids, etc. etc. Unfortunately, the first serious works on Slavic mythology refer to the second half of XVIII century, when the researchers seriously were engaged in collecting and recording oral folk tradition. Obviously, by… Read more Goblin is considered the master of the forest


For several years from various, quite far away places in South America, there are reports of primitive people, usually covered with thick hair; among these is the humanoid as the Pygmies and the merits of normal human growth and speculation that, perhaps it is standing on low level of development of hominids (not primitives). However,… Read more Marikoksi

Giant eels

Somewhere in the 1740-m some of the Norwegian Hans Egede published a book entitled Full and detailed description of the trip to Greenland in the year 1734. Hans Egede was a priest, later became known as the Apostle of Greenland. Greenland had just begun to recover from the cold weather hit the north of the… Read more Giant eels


Somewhere in the middle of July 1961 on the shores of Tasmania’s most violent storm broke out among all ever recorded in these places. Tasmania, an island nation that is included in the Commonwealth of Australia and, as can be seen on any map, located in the southern part of the roaring forties, famous for… Read more Globstery