Other Columbus?

How old is the existing literature on the journey of Columbus, as many live, die down and again there are versions that he was not a discoverer of America, knew in advance where and how to swim.

But if the discoverer of the New World was not Columbus, who? October 12, 1492 sailor with “Santa Maria” shouted his historic: “Land!” Who, when and how many times have exclaimed, “Land!” At the sight of unknown shores after a long, arduous voyages in the Atlantic? Let’s step by step, followed by historians and archaeologists descend into the depths of time. So Year 1480-th. England.

When in the late 70-ies of the century, Professor Fobe Taylor reviewed the business records and custom lists of goods which are imported every ship in Bristol and to evacuate since 1479, he noticed some awkwardness. According to the declarations of the majority of captains traded with Ireland. However, this clearly does not correspond with the nature of the goods and excessively long trips.

Is a typical example. One of the ships owned by Morris Targatu, swim supposed to Ireland and back for 115 days. But other vessels during the same period of time to three times to overcome a similar way. Professor Taylor concluded that Bristol seamen sometimes deliberately concealed the true route. But then where do they swim? Year 1473rd. Portugal.

In the markets of Lisbon – the capital of a great maritime power, attracts first caravans of slaves. Long been exploited by the Portuguese Madeira and the Azores – a group of islands lying on the western border of the “European ecumene”.
Madeira young Christopher Columbus sells books and maps. Here he meets with “unknown helmsman” who tells him in detail about the lands of the Atlantic Ocean.

Year 1472-d. Portugal – Denmark and Norway.

King Alfonso V, inspired by the capture in Africa, decided to find a northern sea route to Asia and India. He entrusted this mission to two Norwegian captains – Didriku Payningu and Gonsu Poforstu, but as an observer attached to them João Your Kortsrsala, which is likely, and led the expedition.

And not so long ago in the archives found a letter dated March 3, 1551. Mayor Kiel Karstsn Creep wrote to the king of Denmark and Norway Christian III of the fact that he, Creep, saw the map of Iceland showing unknown objects detected in this country. Site confirmed that His Majesty’s grandfather, Christian I, who reigned from 1448 to 1481, at the request of the King of Portugal sent an expedition to the new islands and the mainland to the north-west of Europe.

Point of Origin expedition remained unknown historic stone: the ship’s log was not kept. And it was conducted? But the course still managed to calculate the scattered sources. One of them – the famous first in the world globe, created by German geographer Martin Bshaymom in 1492, ie before (!) The return of Columbus. It beautifully presented not only the Scandinavian countries, but also the land to the west of Iceland, which have remarkable similarities with the peninsula of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the Gulf of St. Lawrence (east coast of North America).

Was found that Behaim married in I486, at a certain Joanna de Mando, sister di am – son-Kortereala. Moreover, the couple spent four years at one of the Azores – Terceira, who ran elderly Kortereal. Behaim lot of time spent in discussions with the Portuguese navigator of the far territories, which he visited in 1472 …

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