On the way to unraveling

High in the mountains crying stone giants. Their tears, zatverdevaya form balm – a cure for all diseases and infirmities of men. Few finds these tears, but finding them is very healthy and strong man.

Such stories, wandering from century to century, known to many people. What is this mysterious substance? In Burma it is called “chao-tui” – the blood of the mountain, Mongolia and Tibet – “baragshun” – juice rocks, but here in Siberia – “stone-oil.

And here we are on the way to one of the deposits of hard butter. Had to overcome a pass in the 3000 meters, before we entered the gorge with sheer cliffs, they are clearly visible in the slit with a yellow-green drips. This was the stone-oil.

Near sinters are very diverse in its color shades: from dark green to white. Basically very thin – they literally have to scrape with a knife. We try sinters taste. After many hours of such “tasting” his face seemed burned. But in the next two days we had a gargantuan appetite and incredible courage.

Interestingly, the wild animals lick the substance. Its medicinal properties have long been known. The popularity of funds of the people demonstrates Academy of Johann Gmelin.

In his book “Journey through Siberia in 1733-1743 years”, he stated: “the common people or stone-oil exports at a distance, as well as common people are believed in him and did not want to use any other medicines. Tibetan lamas procured it, and used for the treatment of gastric diseases.

On the stone oil – “Balsamo” – knew Lomonosov Moscow and many other scientists. However, they showed no unanimity on the question of the nature of the substance: some felt that it – “alum ore”, others pointed to his gumusovyi nature, and others relegated to the excreta of insects and even reptiles.

Interested in the Siberian stone oil, Soviet scientists Sergey Mironov, M. Sokolov, L. Nikitin in 1956 – 1957 years, organized the expedition, visited the Minusinsk Basin and on the banks of the Yenisei. In their opinion, the Siberian stone oil is a bitumen and genetically linked to the para-Finist oil.

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