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24 Sep

The mysterious creature (not a crocodile, not a prehistoric dinosaur) was found in the city of Arzamas in the early eighteenth century. Monster authorities zaspirtovali barrel and sent to St. Petersburg to study. But the men accompanying the cargo, as one might expect, drinking alcohol from a keg, a relic lizard (possibly the last on the planet) allowed for snack …

Coat of arms of Moscow is known to all – it has a picture geog Victorious, lance snake. But few people realize that this is the dragon (not excluded) a very real creature that lived some time in Russia’s forests.

Old legends tell us that once in the European part of Russia vodilis bloodthirsty monster. Similar to the dragons, they had a ferocious temper, throwing without a doubt on foot and horseback, tearing them to pieces. They fought Russian fairy-tale heroes. They destroyed the medieval knights to win the favorable opinion of the Princess. And who knows, perhaps not without their participation from the face of the earth disappeared some kind of prehistoric dinosaurs, surviving even the glacial period.

It is not so absurd it may sound, not the first glance. It is not only the legends and tales told about mysterious monsters, resembling the description of primitive reptiles. There are other, very credible sources telling of the mysterious dragon creatures. If you open the thirtieth Volume Complete Collection of the Russian chronicles they can find an amazing record, dating from 1582 year:

What is this crocodiles? Out of the river and attacked the people? After all, it did not happen in faraway Africa, and near Novgorod. Maybe chronicler simply fib for “witty”? But here is another entry was made agent of the British trading company on behalf of Jerome Garcia.

In 1589 he again went to Russia and Poland has witnessed incredible. In his diary kept such a record:

“I left Warsaw in the evening, crossed the river, which lay on the bank of a poisonous dead crocodile, my men who tore his belly with spears. This spread is a stench that I was poisoned by them, and lay sick in a village nearby, where he met such sympathy and Christian Aid, which quickly recovered. ”

Strange lizards, uncharacteristic for our fauna, found in the memoirs of the Austrian ambassador to Russia Sigismund Herberstein, who came here in 1517 and in 1526 respectively. Here are his words:

“This area abounds with woods and forests where you can watch the terrible phenomenon. It was there and still very much the idolaters, who feed at his home some snakes with four short legs like a lizard with a black body and bold … with some then fear reverently worship them, crawl up to your food … ”

Three historical sources, telling a very similar phenomena. Is it not worthy of attention? Of course, you can try to dismiss these testimonies, as they clearly do not fit the usual picture of the world. That’s what scientists once with the story of one pilot, crashed on the island of Komodo in the Java Sea.

That was in 1912, returning to his homeland, he began to tell the incredible stories about some bloodthirsty monsters that supposedly inhabit those places. Only in the summer of 1926 the expedition arrived on the island of zoologists, who really discovered the relic giant lizards, called them “dragons of the island Komodo.

These prehistoric creatures of no more than a thousand special reach a length of 3,5 meters and weigh around 150 kilograms. Giant lizards are aggressive enough, sometimes stealing sheep pertinent farmers hunt antelope. The famous German hunter who kills for his life a lot of lions, tigers and other dangerous predators on the island of Komodo was killed under mysterious circumstances. He went to photograph a flock of giant lizards and never returned. On the shore of the marsh have been only his shoes and ruined camera. It is possible that he was on his skin to check the reliability of existence of relic creatures, the victim of these ancient creatures.

Maybe something like that things like that once in the Russian forests? I want to believe that one day cryptozoology interested in legends about “Russia’s crocodile. After all, many times, checking such rumors, they were convinced that folk traditions do not arise out of nowhere.

From the official sources:

Currently, the international alliance cryptozoologists together 800 scientists from 20 countries. Based on the legends and myths, they are engaged in a targeted search of mysterious animals, and strange phenomena of nature. And this is not sensationalism, and painstaking scientific work on the knowledge of the planet’s biosphere. Suppose that in this way they often lie in wait for failure. But there are victories.

Take at least a snail, which weighs more than a half kilograms. Scientists knew about it from the stories of blacks in Central Africa, and even found a giant shell of the gastropods. And here is a live specimen was discovered quite by accident -0 among logs imported to Marseilles. Snail-Gulliver triumphantly exhibited in Paris, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London.

Among the corals of the Great Barrier Reef cryptozoology recently caught just 8 new species of exotic fish, whose existence no one even suspected. In the sands of Arabia recently caught a large (120 cm) lizard, a relative of the Central Asian monitor lizard. Following the legends of the Arabs, it searched in vain for 15 years.

The list goes on and on. It includes not only small animals, but also quite large. And even one monster. The fact that it lives on our planet is no longer any doubt. And it does not dwell anywhere but in the notorious Bermuda Triangle.

At the bottom of the ocean, near one of the islands, cryptozoology, checking the old pirate legend of the giant sprutek, set a steel trap with a tasty bait. And when he lifted aboard the oceanographic ship, saw the twisted metal. But in sharp talons gimmick the remains of living tissue, skin and muscles of an unknown creature. The analysis shows: a trap broken many-armed Hercules, capable of covering its tentacles even a submarine. Judging by the degree of deformation of alloy steel, the monster must weigh no less than three tons. Until now, biologists have believed such a large squid idle fiction drunken sailors.

One of the main trump cryptozoologists – inhabit near the Comoro Islands crossopterygian coelacanth fish. Paleontologists believed that she died 200 million years back. Since ancient coelacanth lives to this day, why do not you health and her other contemporaries?

Can crocodiles and Novgorod forests – also miraculously survived the prehistoric reptiles that lived on the territory of Russia is still a few centuries ago? No answer. A possible researchers want to throw this riddle a little more food for thought.

The unknown crocodile receive at this time the name of “Arzamas monstruz” reappeared on Russia’s land in the early eighteenth century. Evidence of this event was found in the archives of the city of Arzamas. Here’s a quick excerpt from the document.

“Summer 1719 on June 4 days in the county was a great storm, and tornado and hail, and many cattle and all livestock were killed. I fell from the sky serpent, God’s wrath parched and Smerdel disgusting. And remembering the grace of God, the Sovereign Order of our Vserossiyskorgo Peter I of summer of 1718 Kunshtkamore and collection for Her curiosities different, monstruzov and freaks all, the stone of heaven, and other miracles, this serpent was thrown into a barrel with a strong double wine … ”

Signed paper Zemski Commissioner Basil bayonet. Unfortunately barrel has not reached the St. Petersburg museum. Either it got lost on the road, whether nebrezglivye Russia canceled the men from the barrel “double wine” (as used to be called vodka), and let other content for snack … Nature Arzamas monstruza remained unsolved. Whirlwind whether brought from distant countries this crocodile? Because according to the description malodorous monster, fallen from the sky, had short legs and huge jaws full of sharp teeth. Or somewhere in the dense forests of Russia’s more then lived on the last mysterious beings, is mentioned in the Novgorod Chronicle?

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