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24 Sep

“In the Loch Ness monster, seems to have the Romanian” brother “who lives in Lake Tarnica, in the Western Carpathians. – A sensation was the photograph “tarnitskogo monster” who recently made a accidental local tourists in the surrounding mountains.

“At first it seemed to us a great tree, nailed a wave to shore, – says one eyewitness. – We have quietly continued to slide down the steep slope. When to water remained quite a bit, I threw a casual glance in the direction of “logs” and froze: it was the size of a whale. Were clearly visible to a huge head and torso, from the movements of the tail on the water were a small wave. Mouth monster resembled the car hood, it is easy to absorb a person or animal, and the eyes, the size of the machine lights, it seemed, phosphoresce in the water column. Silent scene lasted a few seconds, then I pulled out his “Canon” and managed to make some shots, while ctrashilische not disappeared in the depths of the lake. ”

Tarnica Lake is located 50 kilometers west of the Romanian city of Cluj. It is very deep – “abysmal”, as they say old people – and spreads to 5 km in length and 1 km in width. In terms of topographic data reservoir is very similar to the Scottish Loch Ness, or whether his famous kite, or a relict dinosaur emerging from supposedly all times and ages, and to adapt to modern conditions.

At the local fishermen survived almost pagan custom. After a successful fishing, they always return a few fishes from the catch back into the water. As they say, in the sacrifice of the Dragon, so that next time he did not prevent good biting. In summer, when out of the cities in the surrounding villages arrived young people, the superstitious old men will not fail to warn their grandsons and granddaughters that swim in the lake is unsafe, can be “disturbed” water snake.

Lucky, captured “the Beast”, was a 15-year-old resident of Cluj Victor Borogine. Because of the rush happened just two successful shots, but one of them monster still captures the way the students have seen it – in all its glory and strength.

By the way, was recently captured on videotape and even the “original” – the monster of Loch Ness. 45-year-old postman from Glasgow Pollock, Bobby was able to over three and a half minutes to keep the frame notorious “Nessie”. Eyewitness video was his wife, 41-year-old Katherine Pollock, and their son, Robert. This film has already brought a happy Pollock prize of 500 pounds, established by bookmaker William Hill for the “best newest observation Nessie”: tell-all can, but to prove that you are not invented, much harder. However, the video speaks for itself

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