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26 Sep

In 1966, hunters have a new sphere of application of his art – I mean the real hunters, which belong to this lesson in the true spirit of sport. Toward a new mind not prideretsya and the League against the killing of animals, because it leaves far behind the “silent shooting” with a camera and passive bird watching. More importantly, the new sport begins to be popular throughout the world, though most opportunities to engage them in open forests in the north of our country. And the scale of mining exceeds all known this day trophies.

What kind of fantasy game? “Monsters”. Once one of them recorded on film, it immediately demanded “explanations”, and when another captured in the dynamics, it came down to one simple question: how does it move? This question can be given one of two possible responses – namely: either by man-made engine, or by the physical energy of the animal. The second answer was given in 1966, experts from the RAF on aerial photography. The film, photographed by a specialist RAF Tim Dinsdale, seen as one of these creatures cross the famous Loch Ness in Scotland – to view the tape leaves no doubt whatsoever that this is indeed an animal. Not taking into account chpsto technical considerations, we can note the following: a result of traffic being on the surface occurred characteristic wave V-shaped, but without any bubbles, foam or lambs. Motor boats of the same size (it is the part that is visible on the surface of the water), taken from the same point of the cliff above the lake, and performs the same circular movements and maneuvers, left for a similar V-for-different waves, but with many clearly visible foam.

Glory to the Loch Ness monster has overshadowed a much more rich opportunities of this new and exciting sport in other countries, including here in America. Even the most ardent hunters realize that these creatures in any case can not be harmed, and yet every hunter has certain obligations to the science related to the expansion of knowledge about all existing in the world and within its limits. This is a complicated issue, and probably motivated by a hunter is primarily a real, physical “trophy”. And yet, despite the material RAF, there is still a lot of skeptics – in any case, before planning a conservation of the species, it would be nice to know what all the same question. Whatever the case may be, remains a very important question asked, in particular, in the U.S., because there really are many places where there is an emergence of lake monsters.

Take, for example, reported cases in the Black River in 1951 near the small town of Lai-OEF Falls, less than 200 miles from New York.

Wash Mellik, a veteran of World War II, the working of the local paper mill, caught with a small fishing boat and noticed a huge animal that pops up from the water 25 feet from him. “It was fifteen feet long, – he said, – a dark brown color, with a round, slightly tapered body. He had two fin-like hands, and his eyes sparkled like silver dollars. I threw stones at him, but it just stared at me. ”

Telegraph was given additional information: “The search team, which included college professors, members of the State of the Environment and two graduate student, tried to catch the creature.” This information confirmed the author Mayor Lyons Falls, James P. Young, with whom I came into contact in connection with a highly unusual statement made later in a news program. Argued that: “Old-timers go with a significant look and say that they could be forewarned of scientists that the monster of the Black River is not possible to catch a fishing net.” Ends with the classic phrase: “The inhabitants of this secluded corner of upstate New York say that over the past ten years have seen a monster three times, and every time before a strong thunderstorm. (Words in square brackets, emphasis added.)

Must be clearly understood that the word “monster” has two very specific meaning – the first points on the face, the second – on the value. We use the word to mean, and often, both. In addition, we apply it to a very wide range of “monstrosity” in both senses, for the most extensive descriptions have not yet been caught and identified the animals that live in water, animals, as not very big and real Gromadin. Thus, not very large in size “creature” of New Hamburg, Ontario, from the standpoint of zoologists is also monstrous.

The first mention of this behemoth appeared on my desk as a news agency United Press: “Police Chief George Thomas today solemnly vowed that he would destroy the hideous three-fingered monster that night wanders the streets of his city. Thomas said that, although it did not cause any harm, the next time he shot him. After the police chief reported that he saw a lizard-like creature in this past Sunday, it became clear that creation came about three years ago, but nobody raised about this noise. ”

I thought it was absolutely fascinating, but the following message read: “More than twenty witnesses, including Secretary of the City Council (he is treasurer) Clayton Ingold, claimed to have seen a monster three years ago (some witnesses), they also said did not want anyone to talk about this. “Our residents are very religious, quiet people, and they do not want to be accused of drunkenness”, “added the chief of police.

Further investigation revealed that the monster has a scaly tail, greenish-brown body, according to rough estimates weighs about 50 pounds, travels on four legs, but, judging by the footprints, paw on the left side, three-fingered. Press “suggested” (this is a terrible expression!) That the creature lives in the river Neath, which flows through the city with a population of 2200 people. Sheriff once shot at a monster, but missed, and it “went away in a river.

The fact is that in Canada not found reptiles (or amphibians) weighing 50 pounds and none of the matching this description is not a three-toed animal.

Being in a good mood, I can not help quoting the director of one of the leading zoological museums in the world which must remain anonymous because I did not like the thought that he could be ridiculed. So, he publicly stated: “Most likely this is a great blue herons (great blue heron) or some other not so awful animal!” If you do not believe me, I invite all familiar with the original stored in my archives.
Of all the things that was mentioned above, please do not make a conclusion that freshwater monsters found only in our northern latitudes. A lot of messages about various “nightmarish creatures” comes from both the central and southern states and from Florida and the tropics. They recorded willows cold regions of the Southern Hemisphere. However, an interesting thing: if you want to draw a map of rivers and lakes in the northern climatic zone encircling the Arctic, which saw the “monsters”, you will notice that they are all located within a belt of vegetation, known as boreal forests or tundra, or capture and more southern areas of this zone (including the high latitudes of the United States), such as the Adirondack Mountains, Montana and Idaho.

Another important fact that will lead, under the theory of “monsters” normal scientific basis is the fact that all these northern animals recorded in clean, deep lakes or flowing in and flowing from the rivers. It seems that these creatures are cold-water animals, acclimatized in the Arctic, and most of those who dwell in lakes, there were – or were they – as a result of recent (in terms of geology), the displacements of glaciers.

And to residents of the eastern regions of the U.S. do not feel slighted, I should note that, according to enthusiasts, the lake Champleyn since time immemorial is full of these standard long-necked guys.

In the spring of 1962, the magazine Vermont Life published an article that at all desire can not be called graceful – in her seemingly as an afterthought said: “Since the beginning of ice flows, we again see the famous lacustrine monster. Last year it saw at least four times – between the port of Shelburne and North Hiro – and witnesses are very credible people … Useful tips on how to see the monster: start observation in the afternoon, closer to the sunset, mainly in shoals with stony bottom, at a distance of about a hundred yards from the shore. The first sign of its emergence could be the splash. Terrified, the monster (monster) will go (will move) into the lake at speeds of 10 to 15 miles per hour. Who does not know the inhabitants of Vermont!

A little further north is a lovely place called Redwood, just seven miles from Alexandria Bay on Lake St. Lawrence. Among the myriad of small lakes is one which is called the Woods. In 1929, a lady, now living in Texas, as a comely morning went with his mother to fish for perch. Float mother shuddered, and, as said in this case, her daughter, “I waited until she podsechet fish and begins to pull her. But for some reason she hesitated – I looked up from the float and saw her mother in horror, staring at me for a spin. I turned around – in front of me out of the water stuck some horrible creature. We immediately weighed anchor and began to row to shore, but before it was a hundred feet. It was very close to the boat, and we were afraid that it would upset her. None of us have not uttered a word until we flew to the shore. And then came the reaction. We still can not recover from what we have seen. This creature was about twenty feet long – the length, it is perhaps all that we can speak more or less confident. The color it appears to have been dark green, slightly wider than the head or neck sticking out of the water front of the body, and to the sides and along the entire length of the neck, six or seven feet – or perhaps it was the body – have grown acute, uneven teeth. It looked in our direction, and We have clearly seen it three times bent. When we cried, it abruptly went under water and appeared on the surface of the waves.

Half of the land around the lake belonged to two brothers who said they had seen there were many times, and once spotted on the shore of something like the following, the outgoing water. Tourists, both brothers have also seen this animal.

Continues the story of “business” on the lake Poenigeymuk or false lake, in the province of Quebec, approximately 200 miles from the capital. This case, of course, for many years, but the first time it caused a noise in 1958 when an extremely serious scholar, head of the management of fisheries of Quebec, indeed carried out serious studies – and a profound and almost unique, not only for a man of his position and rank, but also in terms of specialists “monsters”. Dr. Vadim Vladik went to the lake and on his return, said: “I conducted a survey among the many residents of St. Elyute (large village) and they all describe the same creature-animal length from 12 to 18 feet, brown or black, with a round head width of about two or three feet in the middle of which runs along the back and pilovidny fin. Whenever the animal tried to approach it crawled into the water and hid in a lake. ”

Unfortunately, the good doctor soon dropped restrained tone and said: “This is probably a big fish, although, perhaps, some other animal.” (Well, of course, fish length of 15 feet, which goes to the beach!)

Local residents reported other information about this animal. A gentleman named Philip Forest said that when he was fifteen years old, his future father-in shot at one of these creatures with a gun 30-gauge, but the bullet ricocheted from a back of the beast. His statement that the creature was at least 35 feet long, gray, and with a head like a deer, only without the horns, coincides with the story of a Donata Lavaze. Mrs. Philip Gage, with her husband went fishing on the river, which flows into the lake, reported that it or another large animal twice thrown out of the water nine feet of his body in close proximity to their boats – it noted that the head is badly was “the size of a ball rugby.

On one of the most remarkable meetings with monsters, recorded in my archives, said D. Keii-Meron Peck, the famous industrialist from Chicago, which owns the island in Lake Ontario in the Beis One of these islands, called Fearvyu (or Ostrdv with a wonderful view) in He rented Intercollegiate Christian community for its annual summer tourist camp. I have a copy of the written testimony, which showed that two student-Betsy Ewing and Gunnar Hoglund, September 8, 1948 in 15 hours 45 minutes set sail in a canoe from the northern tip of the island Fearvyu and departed from the shore about 50 yards when the nose of boats with noise foam water. They then for about two minutes watching as a very large creature with two triangular growths on their backs lazily moves into the lake. It was blue-black, rocked from side to side, and behind him is clearly visible wake. Both students under oath swear that had never before heard of any lake monster and did not expect that something like this could exist. Mr. Peck, wrote me that he had seen a similar creature twice, the first day, the second – in the evening, and talked with twenty local residents who watched the animal for several years.

Central state without end, there were reports of similar encounters with monsters – they were seen in large and small lakes, however, two cases deserve special attention. For information about the first lady gave me, recalling an event that happened in 1922 – to me it seems significant in terms of location of the scene: Paint River in the heart of Michigan. The woman told the story of his own words, and I have the firm conviction that it is quite sensible, educated and honest man.

“I came down the hill toward the river – at the foot of the hill lived my friend. I rose to meet Mrs. Johnson, and somewhere in the middle of the slope we met, it was quite close to the rivers. We are very well considered an animal, both saw it at the same time, frozen with surprise and deprived of speech, until it disappeared from view. Mrs. Johnson, as if to make sure that this is not a dream, asked me in Swedish: “You see what I see?” I replied in the affirmative. From the excitation is generally passed on the Swedish language, and exclaimed: “He has the head more than the tub!” She made me go home, and we told my mother. My impressions? Yes, his head was in fact more than any bucket, she stood upright above the water, the body was dark – it is not that twisted like a snake, and committed some undulations (words in square brackets, emphasis added). It was clear out of the water there were any uneven build-up. I counted six of them. How long have we seen? Now it is hard to say. It moved along the river to the north, between two bridges … is approximately the length of city block, and when we saw him, it was probably in the middle (this distance). Under the bridge, it dived, but then again it seemed above the river. ”

Here is an important message about the undulating movements, ie movement up and down “, which are characteristic of all long-necked, living both in salt and fresh water. Snakes twists from side to side, they can not move in waves, as, indeed, and no other reptiles. On the other hand, mammals can move in such a way, for example, whales and seals.

Another significant development also occurred in the center of the continent, practically does not differ from the previous one. This is a kind of continuation of the history of the Loch Ness monster, but in this case, it happened in the lake systems and Vinnipegosis of Manitoba, north of the city of Winnipeg.

In 1960, Professor James McLeod, Head of the Department of Zoology University of Manitoba, went to those places, to personally look at the “troublemakers”. He left very skeptical – they say that he spoke as follows:

“Most of all, the Snapping Turtle. But he returned in a completely different mood. Soon, he again went to the lake to get acquainted with the skeleton of a mysterious creature – for several years before a fisherman named Oscar Frederickson fished out the skeleton of the lake and made him a wooden copy. Professor McLeod not only discovered that in these lake systems really inhabit any a large creature, created by the rapid motion of the characteristic wave height of up to eight feet, but also said (quite formal), the wooden skeleton of a copy (the original was destroyed in a fire at the house of the owner) was created “a person who is familiar with paleontology, or a model skeletal creatures extinct millions of years ago. ” Later, he went further, stating that “the giant reptiles that (attention!) Lived in the prehistoric inland seas (in this area), might well survive to this day.” But then he added: “Certainly, we are all skeptics, but it is likely from a scientific point of view.” We continue this wonderful excursion into the history biologist named Charles J. HUGUET:, said: “These things adores the Ministry of Trade, but the universities do not send scientific expeditions in search of monsters. Better not say, doctor!

However, the true “hotbed” of freshwater monsters on this continent is in the Canadian mountains and their southern extension of the territory of Montana and Idaho. In these areas many lakes, which are myths, legends and folklore of American Indians is associated with freshwater creatures. These monsters have a few of which do not mention the Indians, but that for white people remain completely unexplained, and there are also dozens of other monsters that continue the traditions of the Loch Ness monster, which attributes the rumor true immortality.

The most famous of these lake monsters, which are associated with most legends and myths, people living in the vicinity of Lake Okanagan, British Columbia, lovingly called Ogopogo. The local Indians called him Naytaka. In the literature it is being covered in less detail, as the Loch Ness monster, but books on him still enough for the capital fund decent library. Unfortunately, the monographs endlessly repeated evidence of the same witnesses who describe the animal’s long neck and small, repulsive kind of head, barrel-shaped body bright dark color, I sometimes his fins. Hundreds of witnesses claim to being threatened, and some even pursued. Subtitles small booklet, published in the annex to the local newspaper Vernon News, talk about the monster as follows: “Evidence for the seven women,” the Anglican priest says, “passengers on the bus watching”, “Okanagan Lake”, “grower of Pentikorna sees “,” Five witnesses, “” The car was forced to stop, “” A crowd of witnesses “, … and so on and so on for 14 pages of small publications. At least two reports annually to lie on my desk (since 1958), and in 1964 I was engulfed their flow.

Okanagan Lake extends for 80 miles, it is very deep, to fishermen and lovers of speedboats Okanagan – a real Mecca. However, there now discontinued all possible construction and other industrial activities, and no one disturbs these aquatic monsters, they now live as quietly as the dolphins in the southern ports or a deer in the woods near superhayueev (highways).

The same situation is now formed and several other lakes, the area, although near these lakes, as Sashuep and Kouichan home-Ta-Zam well and Tsinkuau – people still do not very rampaged. However, in Waterton Lakes and Flethed in Montana, people worked in glory. This is where it’s most reports of monsters. The inhabitants of the first lake affectionately known Uhl-Buglz, and do not ask me why or locals! And on the second lake – in the National Park Waterton Lake for many years on duty alert boatmen. Freshwater monsters are more interesting because, according to reports, there is a fairly significant amount of evidence about the existence of newborn animals – something similar was reported only once, with Loch Ness in 1937. Reports of coal-Buglz pouring like rain, is not the first decade, say about monsters of all sizes, in lengths from 60 feet to four or five feet, also differs substantially, and the appearance of different monsters, although it is clear that this is one and the same form. In order to assess the full significance of these changes in size and appearance, would be required to establish a special biology course, I ask you only one thing: take for granted the fact that these monsters are not only not inconsistent with our knowledge of some other well-known animals, but, moreover, they are very similar to individuals well-studied species.

However, even experienced “hunters of monsters with the highest biological entity rather painfully aware that an increasing number of contrast (and the monsters known animals) is recorded only among the invertebrates are not in mammals or vertebrates, namely, among the invertebrates. Here, we invade the sphere of the British zoologist William F. Holliday, who for many years, argues that the Irish and Scottish freshwater long-necked constitute a “giant ormy” or “worms” from the ancient Celtic legends and folklore.
Therefore, pay attention to the message, AG Baalima, significant businessman from Lethbridge, Montana, who spent several years in the construction of summer cottages on Lake Waterton – he saw the creature, whose length is estimated at 35-40 feet, the animal is an undulating manner moved over the surface of the lake, and on his head he had two horns or feelers. Then the captain of a pleasure craft Slim Udall and later captain of another vessel, Ron Boyce, reported seeing animals “with a diameter of four inches with three evenly spaced teeth of approximately eight inches protruding from the backs of these creatures.” Needless to say, that was attached to this post (the usual) an idiotic comment, namely: “We must assume that this is acne or other maritime (attention!) Animal arose in Waterton Lake through the river system from Saskatchewan Hudson Bay. (I wish I could. Look at the eel four inches in diameter and eight-“tooth” on the back, and besides, the journey from Hudson Bay to Lake Waterton – it is something!)

Two of our American lakes can rival with the Canadian Okanaganom and even the famous Loch Ness for part of the traditions associated with the monsters. It is a large lake in Flethed. Montana and Lake Peyett in Idaho. At pretyazhenii last several decades, every year, hence the reports of creatures, the description is no different from traditional long-necked “animals – with a head shaped somewhat like a cow, with long, graceful necks, with teeth – or humps – on the back, and these animals move due to undulation of the body up and down, while keeping at a high speed characteristic of high waves. The number of messages received in the 60 years – as for the lake Peyett, local newspapers wrote about the unidentified animal – probably a yellow color, – which seen a few dozen people at a time.

Do not think that these animals are found only in the few lakes that I was able to recall or only in North America and Scotland. Many great beings lives in the Lake Iliamna in Alaska – about their existence has long been known local Indians, Eskimos, they saw the U.S. Air Force pilots, several scientific expeditions have tried to study them. On these animals reported and the Russian – they found them in three areas in eastern Siberia, mainly in the vast, isolated and virtually unexplored Ojmjakon plateau, west of the Sea of Okhotsk. Similar cases have informed and Swedes, had acknowledged the existence of unidentified animals in several deep lakes, and in Scotland are much more aware of the monster of the lakes, as Lohs Lo-ki, Kuoych, LeMond, Scheele and morality – in any case, there are far more popular than the famous Loch-Ness-mechanical monster. In Ireland over several centuries, suggests the existence of monsters in the lake Lok-ri, in addition, there are reports from the lakes Locks mask, Glendlok, Nakorra, Clive, Dub, Nif, Mac, and Brann Bray. Several of these lakes lie in the little-known and uninhabited mountainous parts of the country, just a few miles south of Dublin – in Wicklow!

While the “hunt for the monsters” – not a profession, but in the next few years, it is somewhat straightened their status, having turned from a hobby to sport. In the UK there is a group of enthusiastic hunters, led by David James, a former member of Parliament, who has spent many thousands of hours of observations of all kinds in the area of Loch Ness, keeping them in different weather conditions and at different times of day. These people have invested a lot of research of its own funds, but were rewarded, in the end they managed to get unique shots and make the film. It was David James made in Parliament urging the government to pay attention to this phenomenon – that he eventually succeeded to the analysis of the film Dinsdey la specialists were recruited Raf. Unfortunately, the official mouthpiece of zoologists of Great Britain – British Museum – is a stable element of the existing bureaucratic structure and, therefore, can not do anything without the sanction of the authorities. However, several scientists as individuals have expressed interest in the subject.

The operation, conducted by the British, inspires awed, not only the scope of action and the most modern equipment, but above all the grim determination in the face of all sorts of complications and troubles, not the least of which was usually playing bad luck. While working on this book, I learned that one Nisaeg appeared on the surface in broad daylight, and the atmospheric conditions were ideal for photography – but it happened so close to the precipice that, due to a negative angle and the vegetation of this part of the area, the camera could not focus. But the troubles did not end there – about a month later, one monster was the steam boat for almost half of the lake, flying very close to the vessel, but the board was not a single camera, as observers on the shore did not see what is happening because the world has been called “the Scotch mist”.

Successes of American operations more modest – in fact, about three out of six that I know of operations avoided even mentioning, both because of the fear that parties will raise a laugh, and because of the fact that the results be brought to a host of lakes. idiots. Unfortunately, we in America, a host of novice hunters for monsters “, but the multiplicity does not allow them to achieve any serious results.

However, it must be said that at the present time quite successfully dealing with this problem Captain Lee of the city Kodiak, Alaska, and a well-known nature photographer Leonard Roux of New Jersey, who investigated the monsters on the Lake Iliamna in 1966. British Columbia has been successfully operating a mountain keeper Rene

Dahinden – he researched a number of lakes, while engaged in the study of local “Bigfoot”, also known as “saskvach. Two young men from New Hampshire, Warren Lee and David Henderson, is conducting a study on crushing all the lakes on the continent – the message coming from them regularly. At first, they threw all their forces on the famous lake Peyett in Idaho, and what they found was a true sensation. The fact that a lot of events happening right under our noses, and we totally ignore them for half a century, depriving me speechless.

One wag once remarked that the only real difference between the British and Americans is that the former can always find a dozen ve.skih reason why we can not achieve any results, while the latter typically offer a dozen equally compelling arguments from which it follows that results – are inevitable. I must say that I’d just dreamed about at least some actions of our enlightened administration, as, indeed, and even symbolic effort by the Government of Canada – it is desirable that they woke up, before the strike up a completely crazy events, such as those that occurred in 1965 at Lake Sister, plunged the entire country by surprise. The team of David James will work hard every summer in Scotland. Let’s assume that they “get” something concrete. “Hunting for monsters” is not prohibited by any laws, but there is no relevant rules. Perhaps it would make sense to take preempting-yuschie, preventive measures to protect not only the unfortunate monsters, but also local residents, as well as running out of the last forces of police and sheriffs. Whether we like it or not, but there is a new sphere of application and implementation of the hunting instinct of man, and knowing the enthusiasm of our citizens, I strongly recommend that you take action before the situation gets out of control.

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