Keep the body

In VII century the Arabs conquered Egypt. When the robbery of ancient tombs have been found embalmed body of the dead. In essence, forever keep the body “of man, learned mumiyo.

Egyptian mummies have been the subject of big business. First mumiyo simply scrape with embalmed corpses and exported to other countries, selling at fantastic prices called “mummy grave. In the XII century, Arab traveler Abu al-Latif wrote that “the mummy – a mixture of resin and myrrh, you can buy cheap only in Egypt.

Then they started to sell themselves embalmed body. When not enough “real” Egyptian mummies, have resorted to the artificial production of them.

Doctor King of Navarre – Gilles de la Fontaine – to inquire about mumiyo made in 1564 trip to Egypt. In Alexandria, one of the dealers offered him 40 varieties mumiyo, prepared mainly from the bodies of dead slaves. The bodies were treated with bitumen and dried in the sun, as a result of the body begins to look like Egyptian mummies.

And here again, you can resort to the testimony of Shakespeare. Remember: handkerchief Hotel-lo, transmitted to them as a talisman Desdemona, was imbued with “moisture from the hearts of mummies.

And absolutely documented sound line of work “Bird in a cage” of another famous English poet – Shelley: “Do mumiyo from my body and sell my pharmacist.

Artificial mumiyo prepared also from the corpses of animals, such as known description of its preparation of the dog. Naturally, such a charlatan greatly undermined faith in the effectiveness of genuine mumiyo.

Compiled authoritative in its time pharmacopoeia of Eastern medicine “Gift of the faithful” Mohamed Mumin wrote: “In ancient times, was taken mummify the corpses, to keep them from rotting for a long time.

Body processed mumiyo, honey, resin, tar and other substances. After solidification of the body was kept for several centuries. Ignorant people take these bodies for the present mumiyo. ”

The famous French physician Ambroise Pare (1509 – 1580) forbade the use mumiyo in large doses on the grounds that nobody really knows what it is. In any case, the analogy with mumiyo mummies was gradually eliminated, and now this term is called a drug.

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