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30 Sep

Armed with modern technology, in dozens of laboratories, scientists conjure over various samples mumiyo. Before them is a whole chain – Afghan, Tibetan, Indian, Burmese, Nepalese, Mongolian, Arabian mumiyo and our Central Asian – zeravshanskos, Chatkal, Osh, and others. It turned out all kinds mumiyo have similar qualitative chemical composition and differ only in the quantitative ratios of individual components.

A. Shakirov believes that the presence of calcium oxide, phosphorus, potassium, and strontium, and beryllium explains the reason for enhanced regeneration in the treatment of bone fractures. “Building material” for the restoration of bones is in the mumiyo.

Another Soviet scholar, J. Shakirov (namesake of Alexander Shakirov), found that mumiyo detrimental to the microbes that are not valid even penicillin. In that case the healing time of purulent infected wounds in animals is reduced in 1,5 times. However, protivomikrob-Naya activity varies in different samples mumiyo.

Naturally, the question arises: where to get mumiyo and how to verify its authenticity? And while scientists argue may be, again, is to turn to the practice of the ancients. Practically, it looked like. They take a hot liver had just slaughtered a lamb, cut her torch bamboo or reeds, and this place smeared mumiyo. If mumiyo present, the cut part of the liver immediately slipnutsya.

As we see, are required to treat small quantities of mumiyo. According to A. Shakirov, need only 2 tons mumiyo a year to meet the needs of all its health institutions of our country. And fields we have enough – Central Asia, Siberia, Altai, etc. Riddle mumiyo requires a search in all directions.

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