Other Columbus?

How old is the existing literature on the journey of Columbus, as many live, die down and again there are versions that he was not a discoverer of America, knew in advance where and how to swim. But if the discoverer of the New World was not Columbus, who? October 12, 1492 sailor with “Santa… Read more Other Columbus?

Keep the body

In VII century the Arabs conquered Egypt. When the robbery of ancient tombs have been found embalmed body of the dead. In essence, forever keep the body “of man, learned mumiyo. Egyptian mummies have been the subject of big business. First mumiyo simply scrape with embalmed corpses and exported to other countries, selling at fantastic… Read more Keep the body

At the service of health

Armed with modern technology, in dozens of laboratories, scientists conjure over various samples mumiyo. Before them is a whole chain – Afghan, Tibetan, Indian, Burmese, Nepalese, Mongolian, Arabian mumiyo and our Central Asian – zeravshanskos, Chatkal, Osh, and others. It turned out all kinds mumiyo have similar qualitative chemical composition and differ only in the… Read more At the service of health

Lake monster

In 1966, hunters have a new sphere of application of his art – I mean the real hunters, which belong to this lesson in the true spirit of sport. Toward a new mind not prideretsya and the League against the killing of animals, because it leaves far behind the “silent shooting” with a camera and… Read more Lake monster


Unicorn – a fictional creature. encountered in the folklore of many countries, in China, for example, it means abundance and longevity. In the West, especially in heraldry, a unicorn – it is elegant, but the savage beast, like a horse, but with a goatee, kicking antelope, the tail of a lion and a horn in… Read more Unicorn