Other Columbus?

How old is the existing literature on the journey of Columbus, as many live, die down and again there are versions that he was not a discoverer of America, knew in advance where and how to swim.

But if the discoverer of the New World was not Columbus, who? October 12, 1492 sailor with “Santa Maria” shouted his historic: “Land!” Who, when and how many times have exclaimed, “Land!” At the sight of unknown shores after a long, arduous voyages in the Atlantic? Let’s step by step, followed by historians and archaeologists descend into the depths of time. So Year 1480-th. England.
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Mumie-legends and reality

From antiquity come down to us the legend of “life-giving balm”, “elixir of life”. Many names in this balm, but the most common – mumiyo. In the era of the great Avicenna (Ibn Sina) – at the turn I and II millennium BC – mumiyo widely used in medical practice as a panacea.

In his famous “Canon of Medicine Avicenna wrote:” Mumie – mineral wax. In mountain wax the same force and the same nature, that Zifta and solid and liquid bitumen, mixed together, but it is of great benefit. Has dilution and absorbing properties and action.
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Revival sensation

In ancient times, lived in Iran Firidun king, who became the first winner mumiyo. The legend tells how one of the commanders of the king one day hunting gazelle stalked and fired an arrow at him, piercing through the ridge.

Second arrow hit the leg of an animal. But the gazelle fell and began to flee. He reached the cave in a rocky hill and disappeared into it.

What was surprising sharpshooters, returning a week later to place unsuccessful hunting: gazelle with an arrow sticking in his back quietly graze near the caves, as if nothing has happened to him.
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Keep the body

In VII century the Arabs conquered Egypt. When the robbery of ancient tombs have been found embalmed body of the dead. In essence, forever keep the body “of man, learned mumiyo.

Egyptian mummies have been the subject of big business. First mumiyo simply scrape with embalmed corpses and exported to other countries, selling at fantastic prices called “mummy grave. In the XII century, Arab traveler Abu al-Latif wrote that “the mummy – a mixture of resin and myrrh, you can buy cheap only in Egypt.
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Scientists – at a crossroads

As in the famous folk tale, in the case of mumiyo scientists stopped at a stumbling block: where to go? How to explain the origin mumiyo? According to modern concepts, there mumiyo mineral, animal, vegetable, oil. Each of them has specific properties, but all of them distinguished by efficient doctors effect.

Doctor of Medical Sciences A. Shakirov, before widespread use mumiyo in his medical work, carefully studied the works of numerous scholars of the East, spent a lot of laboratory research and experiments. He examined dozens mumiyo deposits in the mountains of Central Asia.
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At the service of health

Armed with modern technology, in dozens of laboratories, scientists conjure over various samples mumiyo. Before them is a whole chain – Afghan, Tibetan, Indian, Burmese, Nepalese, Mongolian, Arabian mumiyo and our Central Asian – zeravshanskos, Chatkal, Osh, and others. It turned out all kinds mumiyo have similar qualitative chemical composition and differ only in the quantitative ratios of individual components.

A. Shakirov believes that the presence of calcium oxide, phosphorus, potassium, and strontium, and beryllium explains the reason for enhanced regeneration in the treatment of bone fractures. “Building material” for the restoration of bones is in the mumiyo.
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On the way to unraveling

High in the mountains crying stone giants. Their tears, zatverdevaya form balm – a cure for all diseases and infirmities of men. Few finds these tears, but finding them is very healthy and strong man.

Such stories, wandering from century to century, known to many people. What is this mysterious substance? In Burma it is called “chao-tui” – the blood of the mountain, Mongolia and Tibet – “baragshun” – juice rocks, but here in Siberia – “stone-oil.
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Lake monster

In 1966, hunters have a new sphere of application of his art – I mean the real hunters, which belong to this lesson in the true spirit of sport. Toward a new mind not prideretsya and the League against the killing of animals, because it leaves far behind the “silent shooting” with a camera and passive bird watching. More importantly, the new sport begins to be popular throughout the world, though most opportunities to engage them in open forests in the north of our country. And the scale of mining exceeds all known this day trophies.
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Minotaur – a monster maze

The wife of the Cretan king Minos produced the terrible monster called the Minotaur. so it entered the cave, called the Labyrinth. It consisted of a set of clever moves, so that no one got there could not find my way back.

Minotaur fed exclusively on human flesh, and the king Minos had to feed him to the living. Among the victims, destined monster, there were fourteen boys and girls, which annually brought from Athens to Crete as tribute, imposed on Athens after its defeat in the war. Once the son of the Athenian king Theseus volunteered to go to Crete, among other victims, to kill the monster and put an end to this cruel sacrifice.
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What is the Babel Tower in the Old Testament? What does the tower mean?

The tower of Babel, said to have boasted the height to reach the sky in ancient times. This tower in the Old Testament has been featured in the world of games and painting, but did it really exist? This article will introduce you to the Tower of Babel.

What is the Tower of Babel?

The Tower of Babel is a huge tower that appears in the Genesis of the Old Testament. In the story, humans try to build a tower that connects the earth and the sky. But God considers human arrogance. So God divided the language that had been one so far into multiple so that humans could not cooperate.

As a result, it was impossible to cooperate to build the tower of Babel, and it was reported that humans abandoned the construction of the tower of Babel and were scattered. For this reason, imaginary and impractical plans are sometimes referred to as the Babel Tower.

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