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27 Aug

MagiciansThe king’s daughter is dead, the enchantress, one does not suit her funeral . Names magician, fairy cognate with Magi have several book shade and in everyday speech of the peasants are rare. They are more commonly used in fairy tales, especially those who have been literary adaptation.

Story On the wizard Demid, recorded in Tula, formed, according to the collector, among the gunsmiths and the middle class. Who is a force of evil sorcerer Demid recalls peasant superstitions. Nevertheless, he tries to serve God and people. Characteristics of its dual, for that matter, the perception of the peasants of some special strong wizards, which can be of God Tula tradesman Demid, hunting and field meets in the old, old man, persuades Demid give him his soul. Since then his most struck up a strong friendship-love with the evil force that Natche his many witchcraft and sorcery, dung him so much gold that the whole yard was covered and filled it with good. For all that, he was so gracious and bowels, that each and every one endowed with gold. At the end of life Demid built the St. Nicholas Church and decided to build a golden church, if God does not forgive sin, but God forgave him, and he did not have to build a golden church.

After his death he was placed in a large cast-iron coffin and hung it on the chains in a huge underground cave under the architecture of St. Nicholas Church. This coffin was hanging there until now. After his death, though some have found a tunnel from his home in that place where is now Demidovskaya street, wanted to get into, for they could not: blow so strong and piercing wind that. Even impossible to stand upright. We tried to go there with a procession, but here, too bad, was a lot of spirits, which are not admitted to the cave … Generally about Demidov and his deeds tell a lot. So Christ – Church of the Nativity in Thule, which had previously been consecrated in the name of Nicholas, and now the old-fashioned called Nikolai rich. This name, as they say, it was because he lived near the church Demidov, who were famous for their wealth.

Most wizards and sorceress in the service of kings and rulers were the principal advisers, as well as local scholars who more than anyone knew, and that all the time go for advice. Usually people are very educated, traveled a lot and seen many countries.

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