What do vampires fear?

09 Aug

There are many examples of the fact that vampires were mortal enemy of the sun. Caught in the open sunlight, it was for them anyway, that enter into a flaming oven. According to other sources of the sun’s rays cause them to only a nuisance. Vampires have the right to leave his home only after dark, the day were obliged to return to their graves or burial vault. Probably, this behavior was predetermined by the will from above, but apart from that it was still a lot of conditions that vampires had to be followed. The vampire can not make a smell of garlic, do not put up crucifixes and other holy relics. Vampires can not be reflected in the mirrors and thus avoid them. According to some reports, they were not able to move through the water current. The vampire was almost impossible to catch, but could kill him.

First, of course, it was necessary to trace the grave of vampire. If you do not see the characteristic holes in the ground, then had to dig out all the dead. The one whose body looked healthy was a vampire. When he recently quenches their thirst, then, as some experts, his body should be expanded as the leeches, or a coffin drabble blood. Another method by which to find the grave of vampires was next. At the cemetery produced a white tribal who has never stumbles. It was believed that the horse presaged all the graves, except for the graves of vampire. Finding housing vampire could use several ways to do away forever with him: to shoot him in the blessed silver bullet or a link in coffin special nodes. But the best and proven method was as follows: in the heart of a vampire attack wooden stick count. After that usually cuts off the head of a church with a sword, and then all parts of the body together with the vampire Coloma burned and the ashes scatter to the wind.

But contrary to expectations vampires sometimes remain alive. At the beginning of the XVIII century. Labara Hungarian town was attacked by vampire. For orders of bishop launched an investigation: people sent to the bell tower to monitor the cemetery. In one night he saw a vampire in the savannah, taschivshemsya it appeared from the grave. Once the vampire has disappeared from view, leaving a shroud for burial stone, observer coverage and grabbed it again climbed to the top of the bell tower. A few hours later vampire is back. Seeing that the shroud had disappeared, he went into a rage. The man with the bell tower it: “Look, he is here with me. If you want to pick it, you have to get to me.”

The vampire rushed to climbs up ladders and began to climb the stairs. When he reached the top, the man pulled out a hammer and hit on the head vampire. That at any time seized in the ladder, and then weakened, collapsed to the ground. The man hurried down and, until the vampire was in unconsciousness, cut off his ax head. Overnight attacks in Leave have since ceased.

It was difficult to cope with the vampire in the Eastern European trading city Cinched. In 1672 the residents of this city died on behalf of George Grande. He was buried monk St. Paul. But when he went to the wife of the Grand, to comfort her, then saw a shadowy figure behind the door dead. Monk and others who were in the house, rushed to escape. George remains a figure more than once seen yeasty on the night streets of the city. He lightly tap on the doors of houses and, without waiting for a reply, leaving further.

Soon noticed that when they visit the homes of Grand someone died. George’s widow was convinced that the ghost of her husband arrives. To her at night, nauseate deep sleep and so set its blood.

Chief Justice has directed the city to address this strange affair. He, along with a group of townspeople, went to the cemetery. When to dig out the coffin and opened it, they saw that the Grand lying healthy and rosy. At his lips froze slight smile. This spectacle shocked townspeople fled in fear to a cemetery, and the judge had to return them again. At this time, they brought with them a priest, took a thick spiky count of hawthorn.

The priest, while proceeding to the case, dropped to his knees beside the corpse and holding a crucifix before his eyes, spoke chant: “O vampire, look here, this is Jesus Christ who saved us from the pangs of hell and died for us on the cross.”

On the cheek tear rolled dead. The more the Holy Father spoke, the more it tears. Citizens brought count, aim his vampire in the chest and severely hit on him. Instead of being pierced body count bounced off. People have tried again tree, but it refused to enter into the body. Beaten again and again. But all was in vain. One of the townspeople, not seasoned, spring into the grave and the beheaded corpse of an ax. Was a sudden shrill cry, the body zadergalos convulsing, and the spirit of evil was gone forever.

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