The True History of the fallen angel

20 Aug

fallen, angelThe mere mention of his name seems to evoke the smell of sulfur. You will be imagined as the most beautiful angel of creation and also as the cause of greater cosmic drama never happened. Legend has it that, seduced by their own pride, dragged a large part of the angels who worship God, provoking a rebellion whose consequences. latter is the existence of pain, evil and death in the world. Lucifer is considered since then as the ideologue of evil, the instigator of the dark side of man, the first temptation. But history is full of contradictions, and one of them is the absence of a true story.

Because an event of such magnitude, of such significance to humans, could not pass unnoticed for the authors of the Bible. In its pages we should find a detailed account of the incident and what were its causes.

Not so. In fact, Lucifer’s name no longer appears in any modern Bible, but was present in the former. Was erased from history, but not the legend. In fact, all the modern myth of Lucifer from a misunderstanding of a simple translation error.

“Lucifer” is a Latin word meaning “bearer of light.” He was employed by St. Jerome in the preparation of Ia-Vulgate version of the Latin Bible to translate the Hebrew word Helel (literally “glow”) from a text lsaías. He was a meditated choice, which sought to reconcile the different meanings that, according to some, seemed to contain the Hebrew text. Indeed, even at that time, some “Fathers of the Church had believed those found in word describing the fall of Satan!

Until that time, also known as Lucifer Heosforo-god was only a minor nitologia the Greco-Roman, a son of the goddess Aurora that had nothing to do with Jewish or Christian traditions. Their status as a descendant of the gods influenced the choice he made San Jerónimo.

But what actually read the text of Isaiah? The Prophet recorded the following satire, composed of Yahweh evoking the defeat of his enemy, the king of Babylon: “How you have fallen from the sky, gleaming star, son of the dawn, and have been thrown to the ground, you who won nations? You said in your heart: “The climb sky, above the stars of The submits my throne and I sit in the mountains of the encounter in the confines of Safón; climb the heights of the clouds, I igualare to Elyón (the Sublime ) “. Conversely, the sun has been precipitated to Hondón of the pit “(Isa. 14, 12-11).

Vulgate used the word Lucifer in the translation of the first sentence:

‘Quomodo cecidisti of Coelo, Lucifer, qui mane oriebaris ?…» Successive versions of the languages that retain untranslated Latin word: “How you fell from heaven, O Lucifer, son of Dawn ?…» Since then, Lucifer was considered a proper name. He was born the legend of the rebel angel, revived the Greco-Roman myth, the legend. Christianised is pagan and the origin of evil in the world had at last found. Had created a new name and a new character.

The myth survive after the passage of many ages and medieval legends nutririan these ancestral roots, creating tales of great beauty and symbolism, but Isaiah-original-author knew little of classical mythology. His sources were from a different cultural field and the substance of his remarks reflected a drama that had nothing to do with cosmic battle between angels but struggles between gods. Or at least among children of the gods …

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