The origin of vampires

08 Aug

The words “vampire” comes from the Hungarian language, and most of legends about them were born in Eastern Europe. Irishman Bram Stoker, who wrote the famous “Dracula”, it borrows the plot of the legends of IV (its generic title and the name – Count Dracula) – Transylvanian nobleman, who lived in the XV century, and fought against the Turkish yoke. Val was also known for his sadistic tendencies – he enjoyed the abuse of prisoners, prisoners. Legend has it that the Count liked to arrange revelry among huge number of sharpened wooden pegging, which were body of Turks, captured in battle, so he went down in history under the nickname Tapes ( “stake”).

But no less horror brings Tapes and his compatriots. In the vicinity of the castle disappeared people. For the high stone walls and performed horrific case. In one of the stories about the castle of Count called “vampire.” His passion for blood is shared by other Carpathian noblemen. In 1610 under the decree of the Hungarian king was executed Countess Elizabeth Bator.

It is good to know about occultism, to learn that can prolong youth and beauty, if you will bathe in the blood of young girls. Many unsuspecting girls were entrap her in the castle, and then and buried there. But one of them managed to escape, she told this terrible story. As punishment for atrocities “bloody” Countess alive in her own bedroom. Of these gloomy stories about vampire legends were born. In 1897 created in his novel, based on historical facts and partly story, the image of the Count Dracula. This is a phenomenon first described as a graph of Jonathan in the novel:

“Inside was a high old man, a shaven, with long sedum mustache, dressed from head to toe in black, without a single color spotless. He moved forward jerks. Compressing my hand with such force that I was wrinkled in pain, despite the fact that his own hand was cold as ice, and more came to the deceased than a living human person … it was powerful – very energetic – with a thin curved aquiline nose and nostrils especially bloat, with a majestic high lobe. On the temples the hair was wet, but in other places much effuses. thick brows that knit it almost to bridge … Roth stood in a sinister smile, opening a very sharp teeth, even advocated for the lips, whose bright red color represented a magnificent health of the old, in spite of the his age. And finally, pale at the edges of his ears were unusually pointed and broad and massive chin, cheeks also appeared strained and thin. The first thing you will notice, it was deathly pallor…

It was impossible to not notice that they [his hands] were quite strong, large, with short thick fingers. The most strange that the palms of his hair grow. Long nails are thin at the ends were pointed. When the graph is bent down and touched me, I could not suppress a shiver. In all its terms and in his voice was calm, but when I listened to it, from somewhere far away from the bottom, from the street to bring me ravenous war. Earl eyes, and he said: “Listen to them – the children the night. What a wonderful music!”

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