The man with the soul of the dragon

There is a legend about a meeting of two great philosophers of China Confucius. Confucius, Lao Tzu came to for advice on how to manage overstimulate, to which he replied Heaven and earth will naturally comply with the constancy of the sun and moon, natural light, the stars have their natural order, wild birds and animals inhabit the natural shame, the trees grow naturally. You, too, should observe the Tao

During this conversation, Confucius is said to be timid and could not utter a word. He was shocked and instinctively felt the greatness of this man, although the ascetic ideas of Lao-tzu were alien to him.

Reflecting on this meeting, Confucius told his disciples that the strange old man reminded him of a dragon. «I know that the bird flies, the animal runs, the fish swims. Angry can be caught in nets, floating – in the network, you can shoot down the flying jib. As for the dragon – I still do not know how it can catch! He is on the wind, soars on clouds of heaven! Today I met with Lao-tzu, and he reminded me of the dragon.

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