The man who knew from the elves

30 Aug

evelsI do not want to be named, and distortion of the facts he did not like. Therefore confine pronouns. There were many unusual. But usually, by this was not very noticeable. After encountering someone riding a bicycle in the city, you will not declare it a strange kind, but far from the city, and even closer to midnight, you probably happens not very often, or you too flaky. And such things as shtudirovanie Epic Noldor or the study of Elvish language classes harmless and unnoticeable.

When and how he first met with the elves, hard to say. Apparently, this is an extraordinary event affected him so stunningly, that he never shared his memories of him. Subsequent meetings have acquired a little more commonplace, and it is sometimes referred to some conversations with the twilight elves, not pointing directly to the source.

I have always been occupied, in what language he spoke with the elves. Their language, with all the passion of the topic, it is good to know he could not. In the language of first-hand information about them should not have to report themselves elves, especially if they live with us. However, as I understand, they are not live, but only walked. Where and how – do not know.

At the meeting with the elves, he traveled mostly in the moonless starry nights. He had a flair for it, when and where you can meet the elves, and whether they want to talk to him. Remove it mostly on a bicycle. On self-propelled vehicles could be no question, it frightens the living creatures in the league around. And to walk was too far. Elves are not very fond of biking, but tolerated. Bicycle – a product of industrial civilization, with all its positive aspects.

How he managed to ride in the dark on the primer and do not fall, I’m surprised. Elfs well see the light of the stars, but something was not an elf. Perhaps, however, he fell. I traveled with him.

I do not know whether people benefit from communication with the first-born. Perhaps, we can not understand them, although some may aspire to their knowledge and way of life. But we are born different! And there’s nothing you can do, as it is sad. Too engrossed elven theme, you can pass for mad quietly among friends. Practical benefits of this will not happen. (I mean hobby, the reputation crackpot can sometimes be useful).

My friend, I suspect, would like to sail to the West. Not in England, of course, or Ireland. That the West. Perhaps I misunderstood his desire, because people there the way ordered. Although he could not consider himself a man. I, for one began to doubt shortly before his departure.

Following discussions with the elves, he became another. His eyes were burning, the movement became remarkably accurate, and said he did not, as usual. I just listened to Mozart. I think elves are too indifferent to Mozart, but maybe I invented it myself. Sometimes it seemed to me that The Silmarillion, it reads like something from childhood familiar, but the works of people – as alien to him. But this is only a fleeting feeling. Typically, the people, he seemed much more like a man than most of those present. Among the relatives came across the dwarves, orcs and hobbits. Not only elven princesses.

I never joke on his hobbies, so he often told me about his adventures and plans. One day he came particularly agitated and reported that two days leaving us. Probably a long time. And asked me to look after the bike. I am a supporter of freedom of the individual, so do not try to convince him to stay, as it would have made many. What right do I have to poison the life of a man with his advice, especially if he is sick? But he did not seem mad.

Before leaving, he told me about a few places where I can meet him or his friends in the clear starry nights, if I come alone. I went with him slightly in the direction of one of these places. Along the way he pulled out of the brush roll, which turned light gray cape. Not being a connoisseur, I can not say that such people do not do cloth. But most of the material I have never seen.

In parting, he waved to me, wrapped in a cloak and disappeared in the middle of the field. Cape was the perfect disguise.

Without a friend, who knew from the elves, I’m bored. I often go out on a specified place for them, and I like it. Many were familiar were not quite loyal to the eccentric, who lived not as they are. Now I am more inclined to think that relates it to him better, he will not get a strange desire to become an elf.

I’m not going to convince you of the existence of elves and the possibility of contact with them. I just want to say that my friend was a good guy and good to us all something to be like him. Even if you believe in the triumph of materialism and the infinite progress of science, do not throw stones at those who know with the elves.

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