Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone

Alchemy is one of the sciences and whose name evokes the most contrary and diverse reactions: attraction, contempt, curiosity, uncertainty … conflicting feelings caused in part by the lack of concise information on its origin and development. The most common and popular perception that spreads over the alchemists is that they were pseudo-scientific, liars and… Read more Alchemy and the Philosopher’s Stone

Western Dragons

In contrast to the eastern, western dragons usually seem evil longing for the killing and blood creatures. On the mountains of gold and jewels hidden in their caves, is legendary. Get the treasure the dragon can only killing their host. Western dragons are dangerous and cruel and, as the East, often have magical powers. They… Read more Western Dragons

Oriental Dragons

To the east of the belief in dragons strong to this day. At most it belongs to China, Tibet, Japan and Korea. In China, the legend of dragons go back to 5000 BC. The Chinese people have honored and worshiped the dragon from ancient times, and gradually his image has taken a central place in… Read more Oriental Dragons