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30 Aug

Magic ,hostIndeed, it is Ireland gives us the diversity of wandering fairies and the like. Irish tales and songs trace their thousand-year history, even before the time when it became dangerous to cross the border separating their world from the world of mortals, before the people to become captives of the country’s fairies, and before the time when the love that could arise between the mortal and the fairy, has become a hopeless anguish and suffering.

At that time the island has not yet been fully explored and described. Its hills, lakes and rivers have not yet had a name. But the death has already settled these lands. According to the chronicles of Ireland was populated by people who called themselves ferbolgami. They were the first conquerors of wildlife.

Once the first day of May came from the north a cloud obscured the sun and plunged into darkness, rolling expanses of the island. It was delayed at the top of the mountain Konmeykn Rhine in the heart of Ireland and stayed in the air for three days. When the fog cleared and was carried away into the sea, shining columns of soldiers came down from the mountain, the people were scattered ferbolgov and occupied the island.

Magical warriors came from the enchanted island, located at the top of the world. They arrived in this green and beautiful land on the dark cloud hanging over the mountain Konmeykn. People called them the Tuatha de Danan, which meant “people of the goddess Danu” – the goddess of fertility (the name came because of their magical ability to increase yield). The first chroniclers praised them as “the most pleasant and delightful society, has the most sophisticated weaponry and dazzling clothing; skilled musicians, gifted and rich mind is always in a good mood, most of those magical people that has ever appeared in Ireland.” Their power was boundless, for they possessed magical talismans: a spear and sword, winners of any enemy, and even the boiler, which never translated food.

How long does the Tuatha ruled island, no one knows, but even in the old days, older than the Irish granite, they were defeated, despite its charms, the mortal invaders – galov ancestors who started to rule the island. The people of the Tuatha escaped, becoming invisible. Some of them have created a kingdom in the mountain caves and on the bottom of the lakes of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, others have found their home beyond the seas to the west of the island. They surrounded his kingdom invisible walls, inaccessible to most mortals.

This was the beginning of the retreat of the Tuatha, and in those days they were called Deyoyn Side. But finally they disappeared only after hundreds of years. Meanwhile, these heroic creation continued to fight and love, while remaining invisible to the winners of their people.

Ruler of the Golden Society

High King of the people of the goddess Danu – the heroic inhabitants of the magical world of Ireland – was the bearer of many titles. It was called and the father of all things, and the Lord of knowledge, and a luminary of all sciences, but most often it was called “Good god” or the Dagda.

Name Dagda had no relationship to the virtues of the ruler of the elves: legends associated his name with cruelty and gluttony, a name meant that its owner shine in all areas and was the most powerful among the inhabitants of the magic kingdom. He could put a club with one blow of his nine opponents. The magic cauldron in which food is never translated, was his property. The sounds of his harp gave joy, lulled, or lead to despair.

When his magical warriors left plain and taken refuge in the hills of the Irish, Dagda established four kingdoms and put at the head of every one of his sons. But the all-powerful magician remained supreme ruler.

He met a wanderer in those days?

This was the era when the knight errant of Wales fields, pastures and hills, he could come across the river, where on one side grazing flock of white, but on the other – the black sheep. From time to time from a single herd of sheep crossed the water flow towards the opposite shore. This changed the color of wool. The traveler could see how smoke devoured the castle tower, which only a few moments ago, sparkled in the sun. If someone dared to pass through the gates and enter the room, he could be in an empty castle, except the gold game board on which the silver figure of play in a game reminiscent of chess. They moved without the aid of human hands.

Strannik sometimes managed to see a horse rushing to the sea surface, as if it is not water, and solid ground, or to see how a person turns into an eagle and soars to the clouds. These and many other incidents were attributed to magical forces.

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