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Magi – old men beard and went into the street,This ryzhot guy because Volkhov terrible sorcerer, Eclipse happens because some volhid removes the moon from the sky and tell fortunes .The old lady she is, bayut, volhitka; prisuchit whether anyone or damage to plant, so that people hiccuping, much of it from her business Magi we have: Palaneya, Grandma Masha . They can take away from cows milk .

By definition Tatischev, Magi sometimes the very thing it means that now a philosopher or sage in addition, of course any action or proveschaniya through Devil pronounce about what Thou in the Bible, taco in secular history is pretty butts . Vorozhba believes VNTatischev, there is a simple or stupid, the other vicious and much less crazy, but both started sueverstvo.

Magus sorcerer possessing diverse knowledge and skills: he knows the past and the future, the power over the elements , sends the misery and disease or, conversely, protects, removes the damage and magic. Approximately the same way and is characterized volhitka.

In plots Magi, volhvitsa – usually the sources of dangerous influence, and are listed among those endowed with supernatural powers of people, from whom fenced.

From East Siberia reported that on the eve of Epiphany, protecting livestock from volhitki, peasants chalk on the doors of cattle yards. in Maundy Thursday peasants are locked up their cattle and carefully cherish it from volhidov. Despite these precautions, the latter still often being invisible, time to shave his forehead or under someone else’s sheep, cow, pig why spoil .The Magi come to Maundy Thursday, in Egorov, Ivan, on Easter volhida, that is, a man who could speak ill, they know far in the neighborhood and frequently come to him in the case of distant locations. volhidov usually disliked and feared, but

Magus – one of the oldest names magician,strong veduna. Recall that, according to the Holy Scriptures, the Magi brought gifts to the Christ Child at the same time, Simon the sorcerer antithesis of the Savior. In the annals of the sorcerer – a visionary, predicting the death of Prince By the year 912 the chronicler tells of the miraculous Oleg’s death on prediction of the sorcerer and observes Behold the same is marvelous, for theirs is fulfilled by volhovaniya sorceries .

Delegated diverse abilities magicians, magicians (possibly original priests of pagan gods, the guardians of secret knowledge, diviners) were sorcerers special rank, affecting the public and community life. Magi especially enjoyed mysteries of water, as well as vegetation. In the popular superstition, witchcraft, they not only above water, but in the rivers. Literate our ancestors, even in the XVII century. told with full faith – the old legend, as if the eldest son of the mythical word is Volkhov, witchcraft in the district. Volkhov, and underlain by a waterway to the second he was not worshiped. Further, the Magi could propel the air, giving magic, Arcane wind direction, vedunstvom his famously sends the wind … In some cases, perceived as the wise men and princes. So, thought. that the Prince of Polotsk Vseslav mother birth of enchantments sorcerer and forced his head nauz magic knot, endowed with supernatural abilities Prince to transmogrification, etc.

The image of the sorcerer-prince, the leader of the brigade and all-powerful sorcerer, a werewolf is reflected in the epics. In bylina of Volga warrior, hero, turns into a pike, then the wolf, then the bird.

Soothsayers, magicians for a long time after the adoption of Christianity had an impact on people. In XI-XII centuries. in uprisings led by the wise men, including those caused by certain natural disasters, the causes which, in the opinion of the people, could see the light and eliminate the Magi.

By 1024 in the chronicle describes the appearance during the famine of the Magi in Suzdal the devil’s instigation and besnovanyo, who beat the elderly, powers, according to them, the harvest. Yaroslav executed them, saying that God has for sin brings disaster, a man knows insignificant. By 4071, Mr. contains a series of stories about magicians. Magus deceived demons, came to Kiev, prophesied that the Dnieper will flow upwards, and Russia will change places with Greece Ignorance listen to him, or rather laugh.

The devil plays on you ruin you. And, indeed, one night he went missing …The Charter of St. Vladimir Church persecuted all kinds of magic, but not the death Qazi, sometimes, by the way, she even took them under his protection Serapion of Vladimir. They were pursuing a more secular authorities for criminal cases and for the indignation of the people . Gradually, the role of wise men and sorcerers becomes less important (increasingly focusing in the private sphere, but the historical and literary monuments continue to mention the magicians until the XVIII century.

In 1689 in Order affairs investigation questioned Magi Dorofeyka, which showed that the steward Andrew BEZOBRAZOV asked him to blow in the wind on the great rulers, so they were kind to him. Magus Dorofeyka reappeared Nizhny Novgorod tradesman, crafts and Rudometov farrier, who can tell fortunes with beans, and into the hands of people to watch, and internal diseases in adults and infants recognize and treat sheptami – and showed that it de-taught this craft Nizhny Novgorod farrier Fedor Bobylev. On the same found in his bags of beans, herbs and dewy incense Dorofeyka showed that the beans he breeds and divines, and incense guards at weddings brides and grooms from the dashing of people – from vedunov; and grass Bogorodickij give drink to people from heart disease, without sheptov; a tear-de Toe the grass in the summer in the Nativity of John the Baptist with sheptami: What are you, the grass, applies, to be and is suitable … This Dorofei added: He zhede and dental disease cures, and a pinch and a slice of persuading and iron (blood) starts talking. confessing under torture that he is the king Peter I saw the poem ‘longing for the appointment of Andrew Bezobrazov the wind let the’ magician (with stolnik) was executed on. It is impossible not to notice that Magi Dorofeyka in the public important matter is characterized in general as well as the sorcerer village superstitions XIX-XX centuries.the elements represent a conspiracy.

Name Magi were learned, retained, and some schismatic sects: the founders of God’s people, Daniil Filippov and Selivanova, causing positively acknowledged the great wise men . The emergence of the great Magi accompany disasters and shocks. They are endowed with abilities Goldovsky gift of prophecy and Providence, and they not only mediator between God and humans, but incarnation of God on earth – in the guise of the great Magi discernible features endowed with special power and influence of the Magi, magicians of Ancient : anthropomorphic apoteoza people, especially the prophetic, what the wise men and warriors, very ordinary, as in Slavonic, so particularly in Finnish and partly even in Tatar mythology. The pagan beliefs of Eastern Slavs, believed in werewolves of every kind, every great sorcerer could sit in the gods, and Ignorance, ie ignorant of the faith zlonoy fable, even in the XVII century. if the eldest son of the mythical Slovenj sat in the gods …

Magus – the name of magician, used in the chronicles in the book, written language, is also popular, common in many parts of Russia. At the same time, it retains the name of a certain shade of solemnity, mystery, binds to specific, book ways of witchcraft, with volhovaniem from books , with Affliction word-Volkhov: How about that old lady was quick-witted, And grabbed his book volhovnuyu. / And watched volhovala book volhovnoy . Magus, Volkhov denotes strong, clothed in a halo of mystery chronicle witch I do not often heard in everyday life, and in ritualized, drawn up according to certain rules of speech – to the verdicts, conspiracies, as well as in the epics.


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