How to recognize the Vampire?

VampireThe belief that between this world and the other, there is no clear border, there is probably always the case. Even in the most ancient times, almost all the people arose a belief that the deceased can sometimes return to the living world, or at all, settled near her relatives and to periodically visit them, kaki rule, causing a in the national consciousness to merge with those of lower mythology as water mermaids, lassie, northern trolls. Moreover, according to some legends, all evil force – is (former) people who never got into another world. However they did not: yeasty water and drowned during the night – this is not quite the same.

The ratio of these two categories of rights is also perennial neighbors differently: if the watermark, fleshy or houses were the masters of their possessions and had to be respecting and cajole (they can not only harm, but also help), then fermenting in the night Dead bode well no one has ever do not wait. And properly done. Some people called (from the German verb “return”) are usually of people frightened by its emergence or occasionally tried to lure to the cemetery and break into pieces or suffocate. But other challenges on the night of the graves of dead had terrible shape and, apart from the usual “jokes” and traditional portal livestock and food stocks, suck out the blood of the people, why are those, of course, died. They now dead and were called vampires. Lying in the grave, they do not decompose, retain pink complexion, their hair grew, but fell instead of nails and teeth gyrostatic long claws and fangs. Feeding on blood, vampires, and strong after a while began to appear in the daytime. Only at dusk and dawn, they hid in a quiet place, usually – in his own tomb.
The names and behavior of vampires.
Different peoples names “returnees”, as well as the manner of their conduct varied. Even the ancient Greeks believed that young girls, who died before the marriage and did not know love, have become demon-lamia and suck out the blood from the boys. Dead, sucking blood, have been known to virtually all the Turkic peoples and the Volga. Kaman Tatars call them byname and Tatars. Similar dead named in chicanery with Karachi – brume, and the eastern Slavs – vampire. This vampire kidnapped unborn babies from the maternal womb, and even drank water from the clouds, resulting in drought. Thus, even in 1867 the newspaper “Odessa Gazette reported that in a village near Ackerman from graves of recently buried corpse virile old man, who felt vampire. Believing that it is – the reason abundantly watered dead water. The word “vampire” of Serb origin, while living among the Slavs in the Balkans more name I believe that vampires are that who in life was Olden and could into a wolf (the word “vampire” idea of Pushpin). It is the place – the Balkans, the Carpathians, and Western Ukraine – rightly considered the birthplace of vampires.
Vampire literature.
XVIII century – the breakthroughs in the development of European culture: it has opened itself to all the charm of folk superstition. Oral traditions have been actively writing and publishing. Stories about the vampire appeared not only in the collections of folk traditions, but also in newspaper and official news reports. For example in 1732 the Austrian army soldiers stationed in the area of present Serbia, circulated a letter, which reported increasing cases of vampirism, and make recommendations on security measures. At the same time, higher superiors received a report on Guido named Paul, who dwelt not far from Kosovo. Deceased suddenly, he began to appear near the house where a widow, attacked people and animals lived and suck out blood. As written in the report, “Paul said when the body is removed from the land for the third month after the dumping, the designated body was not touched by corruption, a person is deceased differed unnatural beauty. According to the decision of the village chief indicated Paul was pierced Coloma, and his head was This trouble is not over, because the widow of Paul, and his other relatives, and even those who happen eating meat “spoiled” his cattle, in turn, have become vampires. The purpose of the reports and had to get permission from superiors to leave unsafe for Austrian soldiers village. Thus was formed the image of vampire literature, which is quite different from the vampire folklore.
How to become a vampire.
So, who can become a vampire in Slavic folk ideas? It turns out that not very many. Vampires are children born in the shirt, “the fifth convoy in families where some of the boys, as well as – children born with teeth already. The nature and way of life Slovak also can lead to death after he did not lie still in the tomb: vampires, people become angry and irritable, constantly something concerns, do not give the debts and not performing the promise. But the main danger tail to imagine the circumstances of death and burial conditions. Vampire could be someone who had died the night, who put a hand or frozen in the field. Vampire is often killed as well, and a murderer. And, of course, the one who died from a vampire bite. If the deceased was a good man and died quietly in his bed, he still could become a vampire, if through his body jumped prelate cat or chicken, if you accidentally hurt the coffin door on the cheek when the coffin came on a drop of rain or hail. But even buried All the rules can become defunct in the vampire, if their homes are too grieve for him, called him by name, that is his name.
So the question becomes man vampire after death or not, is not too difficult. The problem arises only when the village there was a stranger. Vampire or not? Then apply the following knowledge. First, the vampire has always refuses food. Type of salt and the smell of garlic make him disgusted. Secondly, it is not and not reflected in the mirror. And third, vampire will not touch the “sacred” subjects: crosses, icons, holy books. In addition, people who were born on Saturday, immediately understood that the vampire in front of them.
The means of collective and individual protection.
Measures against the vampires can be divided into preventive and dramatic. The first concerns reading aloud the Holy Scriptures by the deceased in the tomb for three nights after death. In addition, the heel deceased could cut and put the needle under the skin or other sharp object that it was hard for him to walk on land. The road from the cemetery to the house is often sprinkled with poppy seed: vampire begins to collect it, and here and roosters dropout. As a means of individual protection against vampires used garlic, hawthorn, wild rose, light the lamps, iron knife, a bell, and, of course, the cross and the Holy Scriptures. But if it does not help, only to dig up remains grave, and pierced the heart of vampire aspen Coloma and cut off his head.
Scientists argue.
Where do the people have the belief in vampires? Perhaps the connection of such diverse factors as a matter of fact, as “energy vampirism” (a phenomenon psychologists observed the ability of one person seems to take away the energy of another) and some cases of mental disorders, when the maniac killer really is drinking the blood of his victim. On the other hand, the belief in vampires could cause fear of darkness, insomnia, hallucinations. The belief that the propensity to vampirism is transmitted by the bite, and could lead to real cases of rabies in humans and animals. However, all these very good reasons do not explain the reason why the belief in vampires was precisely in the Balkans and Carpathians. It remains to assume that they really do voiles there

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