Houses of little men

little men houseHouses of little men, whose lot – always intervene in human affairs, distinguished not only by evil intentions, but an ugly appearance. They were lounging around the farms, villages, usually not foreshadowing anything good. His dark and often black people they madly frightened townsfolk. hobgoblins steal something that is bad, sometimes even taken away the horses that gallop across the field furious gallop. In the morning horse’s mane is provided to coiled and tied to the incredible sites.

They say sometimes invisible goblins perform some work at home, although that nobody asked. In return, they expected that the owner will leave next to the stove a piece of bread and a cup of cream. Stretching in all its small size on a warm stove, goblins enjoyed the homey feel, which is very loved. They had a passion for exquisite wines and beautiful girls.

Hobgoblins, brownies were rude, hairy, larger and designed primarily for rural life. They threshed wheat for the family, split wood or do other heavy household chores.

In a good mood Hobgoblin was a sort of guardian spirit at home: took care of workers, protecting values. If he was angry, I could drink all the cream, to stop the cooking oil in the churn to hide the necessary utensils. Villagers prpisyvali hobgoblins their character traits – simplicity, modesty, cheerfulness.

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