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27 Aug

DragonAt the dawn of the world crude youth tending to the knowledge of a witch art, urged caution when meeting with the powerful elders. No one could dispute the power of the ancient sorcerers. This have experienced unfortunate.

And was not unique for its era, because the names of other witches hollow echoing the scattered centuries. In Finland were other magicians: the smith, who created the mill, always grinding salt, grain and gold; Menkalinan, who with the help of songs drawn in the sand, pearls, and in the northern realm – according to legend) once stole the sun and the moon, and hid them in the black mountain.
In Russian steppe wandered militant Volga Vseslavich, possessed the ability to change its appearance. Ireland were Katbad, who knew the value of each hour, and the bard Kairpre to take off the tyrants on the throne verse quatrains. The Isle of Man in the Irish Sea lived Manannan Mac Lir. His spells to lift the fog to protect the borders of the kingdom, or to draw a soldier in a company of one hundred men.

Britain called the island of the mighty, and not without reason. In Wales, lived Taliesin, the son of the sorceress Keridven. Matt, nicknamed old, heard in the howling wind every word spoken on the island, also lived here, as did his nephew Guidion – the creator of illusions. At sunset this era came the greatest of magicians, crowned magician Merlin.

Not all of them differed kindness, because living in a cruel time, and some – like the evil Louhi – have dedicated themselves to serving the dark forces. Other – Youthfulness and Guido – in his youth distinguished by carelessness in handling their weapons. However, the best of them had mental breadth, not inferior to the magic, and served as patrons and mentors people lived nearby. These were old , Matt Wise, good-matured Manama and Merlin.

Then existing wizards worked in silence, away from prying eyes, removing or appointing governors. Therefore, their actions, we know only by the songs and legends. They say that magicians at will to rule the winds and waters, to modify the orbits of the planets magically create human settlements, where before there was not a single person, and change not only our own, but the human body. They were treated and sends a disease or deformity. In addition, the magicians of the past were able to foresee the future.

In later times, when the first deeds of sorcerers entered into legends, some men and women continued to engage in magic. But these people lived in a world that is gradually lost its former innocence. Passed the century, and scientists, clergy first, studying the natural world, revealing elements, forms and laws of being. To achieve the vertices of the primitive magic of wizards had to contend with the new established order. Such activities were seen as harmful and vicious occupation.

The greatest of wizards, for example, Faust, and sometimes get titles that were available at their illustrious predecessors. Thus, these people also called witches and sorcerers. The last word is comprehensive. Thus, the sorcerer means, in essence, wise man, while the sorcerer refers to the activities of a sorcerer, associated with words or spells. But more often the most powerful of the successors of the late witch case called magicians or wizards, that is, people who can foresee the future. The most modest called witches.

In most cases, those who have succeeded in voodoo magic, lost their natural wisdom and an innate generosity of the first witch. Instead, they became selfish seekers zateryannyh or hidden forces, scientists using the system, the enigmatic and complex, mysterious science to gain insight into the mystical phenomena, which, in their view, considered to be virtually unattainable. These researchers entered on the forbidden ground, and many paid dearly for the knowledge that is gained in their search.

However, they were in the dark to find unimaginable future, compared with the era in which he lived and the first sorcerers. Then the ground was still very young, and the objects of the world around me, like opal, at least, so say the chroniclers.

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