History and Mysteries of the Illuminati

20 Aug

Just mention the name of this order of the Illuminati is surely an invitation to join the world of engimas, legends and mysteries that arise around this secret society known as the Order of the perfectibility of Iluminados or Bavaria.
History of the Illuminati
It was a secret society founded on May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany by the German Adam Weishaupt. Illuminati in Latin means “The Enlightened.”
The Illuminati originated in the pre-cult of Freemasonry and the ancient and medieval world.
After its founding, Adam (Frater Spartacus) had recruited to his cause a great number of thinkers, philosophers, artists, politicians and analysts, attracted students and young people like Adolf von Knigge, who wrote The Rite of Iluminados Bavaria.

The Bavarian Illuminati spread rapidly through Austria and other parts of Europe, member of personalities such as Herder, Goethe and Cagliostro and the Count Saint-Germain, among others.

The famous Count of Cagliostro founded the Egyptian Masonry, and was murdered in the dungeons of the Inquisition.

Once Adam Weishaupt saw the great success he was having with this movement, it took the decision to join the Freemasons lodges in Bavaria and then Europe, then ordered the infiltration and domination of it. However his plans failed, and that a reunion in 1782 of Continental Freemasonry, faced with opposition from the Grand Lodge of England and the misgivings of the Theosophical Iluminados and the Grand Orient of France.

For its part, the Elector of Bavaria, to intuit the meaning of the Illuminati threat to the Catholic Church and the monarchies, for his revolutionary ideology, egalitarian and libertarian, passed an edict against them and the Freemasons on June 22 1784.
Consequently, there was persecution and arrested its members to eradicate them completely.

In 1785 Weishaupt went into exile in Regensburg. He led the order from abroad, died on November 18, 1830.

Illuminati Symbolism

Through the novels is like to have heard of the Illuminati possess certain symbols, through which were recognizable to the initiated and ingenious simbologistas.

The appearances of the Illuminati in popular culture has actually been more diverse and surprising as it is for the one-dollar bill that Americans are used today and where the “eye that sees everything.”

Although not a symbol of Christian origin and is not mentioned in the Bible, yet so far is associated with the eye of God, or Yahweh, which represents its omniscience and gained importance since the Renaissance. Its true origin is in the symbolism of Udjat or “Eye of Horus”, an old Egyptian god who represents the Sun This symbol was introduced by orders of the president and member of the Shriners, Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933.

The Illuminati was another symbol for “secret schools of wisdom,” this was the Owl of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. This symbol, also can be found in the one-dollar bill at the top right side where the face of George Washington, a tiny scale. He was also associated with the company’s Bohemian Club.

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