30 Aug

One of the oldest mythical peoples. There are elves: dark, forest, ancient. Elves – fabulous creatures live in forests, avoiding contact with people. E. master shooting from the bow , as any good master sword. Their magic is manifested in their hands made things.

Dark Elves – different from the rest of the elves that they had to leave the surface and living in the most remote areas of the underworld, they are not hospitable. Skillfully wielded daggers. In the skill-mining ores can compete with the wharves. The dark elves are accustomed to the darkness, but in spite of the dwelling under the earth and come to the surface. Dark elves have lost all respect and memory of their group.

Forest Elves – the most common. They live in the woods (in the large forest castles). Cheerful and good-matured, but like all elves guests dislike. They are skilled craftsmen archery (passed on from ancient elves). In some ways soothsayers. The magic of their presence in things.

Ancient elves – the most ancient of the elves, huddle in the most primeval thickets. They live in the crowns of tree. Create incomparable with anything magical items (the famous eleven swords, armor, shields, rings, amulets, etc.) Ancient Elves are one of the Firstborn.

All the elves are unfriendly to the Wharves.

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