Do You Know Vampires?

03 Aug

You never came to mind that you live next to the vampire? Look around carefully. In fact, the vampire may be just. Play, affable guy from the flat opposite. You’re winsome Head with pathetic eyes. Let him a lot, but why he looks so young? Co-workers, always tighten with a perfect figure, why is diligently covering the face with thick layer of protective cream, leaving your office.

Your love, which is constantly sunglasses, and stubbornly refused to go with you on the beach sunbathing … Yes, as practice shows, and studies, all of these people might be vampires, the heir to the famous Dracula.

The capital of the world’s vampire is considered to be New York, where about sixty Children Dracula. They clearly felt among the young fans of the legendary monster, when the rites of the black coats and colored white person about Disco vampires in the Lower East Side. In New York there is a special research center devoted to the study of mysterious creatures of life, as well as the census. He called the Vampire Research Center and is the brainchild of University Professor Stephen Kaplan. Twenty-five years ago, this pundit decided to plunge into the mysterious and inscrutable world of bloody horrors, populated by people with severe habits of bats and the insatiable thirst for blood. This unique journey, he refused to reveal the truth, namely: to understand and tell all was it true that describe and show on the screens. Is it true that vampires – cruel monsters who destroy people, or all fiction? And in general, whether they exist or are the product of sick imagination?

Kaplan proved: Yes, vampires really exist, but are not so nasty creatures, as they used to portray. Although human blood is drink indeed, moreover, simply to live without it can not. According to friends, Kaplan has become the most important in a world expert and an expert on everything that relates to fans stick to the stranger she yam. – Until now, I can not believe that Stephen is no longer with us, – said the widow of Professor Roxanne Kaplan. – Two years ago, he died of a heart attack … But it was so wonderful projects that he was going to exercise! He just turned 55 years old, he thought, with a special scale to celebrate the centenary of the publication of the first edition of Bible vampires – the so-called Book of Bram Stoker Dracula.

This has already entered into a literary classics Work was lifted a lot of movies. The primary role they played in many famous actors, in particular, Klaus Kinaki, Christopher Lee, Tom Cruise, and Steve Barton. In connection with a glorious centenary at the end of 1997 witnessed a real boom vampire There were associations of followers of Dracula, specialized magazines, opened new museums, shops, selling everything that is related to the subject: black suits and black cloaks on the same lining, white boiled shirt, inserted tusks, sets lunar beauty, with a predominance of pearl-green, blue and white and blood-red tones. Barker passers restaurants where you can blood trickling chops, drink ruby malleable drinks, enjoy the view of the elegant waiters in costumes vampires – they work tirelessly to demonstrate to visitor’s devilish smile, gracefully exposing long pointed fangs.

In short, Dracula in a big fashion – and in the old and the new light. In Vienna at the end of last year was even the premiere of the musical Ball vampires, delivered an American of Polish descent director Roman Polanski in his own movies Please do not bite me in the neck.

– Let us be clear at once: Stefan Stocker is respected, but did not believe in his theory of the Living Dead, which by night stand from the coffins and the hunt for people, – said Joel Martin, a close friend of Kaplan, to take his place as director of the institute. – Kaplan said that the myth of Dracula – is fiction. And all for some reason continue to believe that the literary character really existed, turned into vampire after death, still appears here and there, hunting for the young girl, bites them in the neck, and they in turn also become vampires. We know that the prototype of the hero was galahs Ruler Lad Steppes, who was famous for extremely ill-treatment of Turkish prisoners. He brutally tortured prisoners, were hanged, and chopped off his head, the stake. With the passage of time in people’s minds transformed his image – created a legend of the bloodthirsty vampire Dracula. According to myth, this man – bat, the day sleeping in a coffin to escape the rays of the sun, and flies at night to hunt … Stephen decided to truth – namely, to know there are vampires or not. Began his research in 1972 – continues the story Joel.

Why did you waste time? – I was surprised. – This is all a fairy tale, vampires, no! You’re not human – he answered. – Every legend is based on reality … Vampires are among us, but I want to know what they are actually! »Now that I see: Stefan was right. He spent a great deal of work is truly international in scope. By a long research in different countries has revealed a layer of people who simply can not live without live blood. Recently one of the psychologists confirmed: indeed, such people have, and we are talking about individuals with disabilities psyche. There is even a special name for this disease -. Stephen also said that it was not, that actually refers to disorders of physiological order, but mentally they are absolutely normal. Just from time to time they need to drink a little warm blood like other people need, for example, to drink at night, a glass of warm milk. To distinguish such natural, natural vampire of all pretenders and charlatans, who declare themselves vampires for advertising, because it has to attract interest, the scientist was a special questionnaire and send it to candidates for this honorary in different countries. The results were very interesting.

On average, three hundred applicants, only one passed the test of vampire. It identified one and a half thousand of these, natural vampires. Their address is in the names of files Institute. However, access to this information is closed to avoid possible complications in the relations of these people with their neighbors or local authorities. However, journalists still ubiquitous a trust institution – in Italy, where, according to our records, home to ten men belonging to the glorious galaxy bipedal blood. With the promise that his name not be disclosed, that inhabits the outskirts of the city of Umbria slender and youthful vampire are told about themselves. Told that regular drinking of human blood – this helps him feel more alert and to maintain youthfulness. Nothing anyone does not attack, no one forces – precious liquid supply friends absolutely voluntarily, because they know his needs. Rural vampire calmly walks through the streets by day, light is not afraid, just trying to avoid direct sunlight. In addition, all the time, wears glasses with tinted windows.

What are the issues contained in the questionnaire Kaplan, which his followers continued to circulate after his death, hoping to replenish in their possession, a card? It would seem, quite ordinary: age, height, weight. But consider them a special angle. When filling the questionnaire says that he was several hundred years, thus hinting at reincarnation – that a candidate immediately disappears: the institute does not believe in miracles. There is no more and those who, according to his profession, working in the fresh air. For example, a bricklayer can not be vampire – he will certainly have to spend much time under the direct rays of the sun. Those who worked nights, too, no longer: These times these love vampires, in solitude or with a similar. The Institute Kaplan did not show any interest in the military and in general all those who should be in direct contact with other people around the clock.

According to the questionnaire, it is extremely important to take into account the ratio between weight and growth. The vampire can not be thick; it must be direct and fry, quiet and pale. Often has good features, attracts women magnetic gaze expressive eyes. Saves your health, not taking drugs – harmful chemicals. Do not smoke, do not consume drugs. Usually looks much younger than their years – not a live blood helps aging and protects against disease.

By the way, in this magical quality of the blood they believe many people in different countries. This belief came from the ancient times. The famous Italian philosopher Marcelo Fiction, who lived in the XIV century, it is strongly recommended to draw off the blood of young girls or boys, as do leeches. Fiction argued that it helps prevent aging and disease. Obviously, faith in the miraculous effect of blood due to the presence in the national menu of many people’s foods prepared from the blood of animals, raw meat, as well as steak.

The questionnaire Kaplan is a very interesting question: How often have you fed? What is your usual dose? Martin continues. Those who say that they just needed a liter of warm red fluid in the day, apparently trying to us fooled. Hereby, the natural children Dracula need quite a bit – a small bottle, and then two or three times a week. To ensure the correct dose, they never resorted to violence. Sometimes the pay of money, but more often turn to friends and acquaintances that are aware of their addiction – so they at least avoid the risk of contracting hepatitis or something prostrate. In animals, these are lovely substance blood only as a last resort, when there is no other way out.

Potential victims of the same – that is, those to whom their friend or acquaintance may suddenly turn to the unusual request – absolutely nothing to fear. From what you viscosity grams 20 – 30 of blood, you’re not going to die and vampires do not become – this happens only in horror movies. Follower Dracula become impossible as a result of contact or on request: they must be born. Blood is usually taken from the fingertip, his needle, or make neat incision razor.

Or rather say, do not stop – at the jargon this is called pods sat. This is certainly the time of the intimate proximity between the two partners. The procedure initiates both, is a physical pleasure. Mistake, those who believed that «pesos» accompanied by a sexual contact. He was excluded. These vampires unable to use the floor. Men typically impotent, women – frigid.

Profile Kaplan debunks many myths. For example, the established view that aggressive. Stupidity – Martin said. – In fact, it is calm and balanced people. They have other good qualities: love of children, more attentive, and gentle parents find difficult. Well refer to animals, anxious care for dogs and cats. Not afraid of anything connected with religion. I have not once met the vampires that are worn next to the skin and crosses regularly attending church. Contrary to popular belief, to include the garlic is perfectly normal. However, do not like to suck blood from people who recently ate meals with garlic: say, the blood very quickly becomes an unpleasant odor.

In general, they are just like all of these vampires living among us. With the exception of one: from time to time cups of coffee instead prefer to drink hot blood. Well, in the end, everyone is entitled to a little weak!

Information on our local vampire in New York the center of yet. But they certainly exist – we are worse than abroad? And if someone seems suspicious to you, ask him to answer the test questions, based on questionnaires Kaplan.

1. You thin?
2. You pale?
3. Often using sun-protecting glasses and sun block?
4. Prefer to spark electricity? 5. Sensitive to temperature change?
6. It looks much younger than his age?
7. Your entry, magnetic view?
8. You are rarely ill, avoid drugs?
9. Condemns those who smoke and consume drugs?
10. You pleasure night alone?
11. You unpleasant very idea of military service?
12. Do you like raw meat?
13. Not very interested in sex?
14. I like to engage in occult sciences?
15. For those who like to dress in black?

If your friend (friend) replied (answered) to the 12 questions, be sure: before you – a real vampire!

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