Magic host

Indeed, it is Ireland gives us the diversity of wandering fairies and the like. Irish tales and songs trace their thousand-year history, even before the time when it became dangerous to cross the border separating their world from the world of mortals, before the people to become captives of the country’s fairies, and before the… Read more Magic host

Shepherds of trees

Den droids – shepherds of trees, observe and protect the forest, live in forest thickets, in general den droids good morals, but avoid undesirable events. Den droids – rejuvenated trees, very old and are one of the first. In appearance den droids resemble trees, but much lower growth, den droids dark eyes, without pupils. Den… Read more Shepherds of trees

Houses of little men

Houses of little men, whose lot – always intervene in human affairs, distinguished not only by evil intentions, but an ugly appearance. They were lounging around the farms, villages, usually not foreshadowing anything good. His dark and often black people they madly frightened townsfolk. hobgoblins steal something that is bad, sometimes even taken away the… Read more Houses of little men


One of the oldest mythical peoples. There are elves: dark, forest, ancient. Elves – fabulous creatures live in forests, avoiding contact with people. E. master shooting from the bow , as any good master sword. Their magic is manifested in their hands made things. Dark Elves – different from the rest of the elves that… Read more Elves


Magi – old men beard and went into the street,This ryzhot guy because Volkhov terrible sorcerer, Eclipse happens because some volhid removes the moon from the sky and tell fortunes .The old lady she is, bayut, volhitka; prisuchit whether anyone or damage to plant, so that people hiccuping, much of it from her business Magi… Read more Magi

History magicians

At the dawn of the world crude youth tending to the knowledge of a witch art, urged caution when meeting with the powerful elders. No one could dispute the power of the ancient sorcerers. This have experienced unfortunate. And was not unique for its era, because the names of other witches hollow echoing the scattered… Read more History magicians


Warlocks – generally rare speech in the name of the people practice magic. In the Surgut region believed that the warlock can be identified by appearance – “a wizard did not strezhet nails, hair not combed, not to pray to God.” Conspiracies are warlocks year, their “duff” in Christ’s matins (need silence, not looking back,… Read more Warlocks