The vampire and werewolf

vampireVampire – man, rising from the grave, a werewolf – man or woman who turned into a wolf. These two concepts have much in common between them. To begin with, let us say, and those and others – of perishable flesh. They were not disgraced angels nor demons sent by Satan (except two or three reported cases). Yes, they are evil, but their own.Do vampires and the reverse is the common physical traits – hairy palms, and nearly concretion eyebrows. They are also equally possess inhuman strength. They both can change their appearance. Vampires, werewolves and the like, often go to the wolf form. They have well-developed front teeth, especially the canine teeth, craving for ruby with warm human blood.Vampires drink blood of their victims to keep the eternal life. The man-wolf – werewolf, like any predator – a hunter by nature. He gets pleasure from the meat and blood of its prey. Werewolves – anthropophagi and highly carnivorous. Vampires, as compared with them with more refined taste. But those and other cursed by God for their wild instincts. If you believe the occult sciences, the werewolf becomes a vampire after death. There is a strange ceremony of the transition to a new level.These associates killer joined the evil one goal – to sow death and destruction. Vampires and werewolves exist next to a man than a century, and traces of blood drawn through the ages.

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