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29 Jul

vampireThe day they came out of the houses with their staves and crosses, and they wanted to catch the blood of cognizing. And they wander in the dark, because did not know that among them there are those who know and serve cognizing slaves hiding among vain obyvaeteley and confuse them with the sense and correctly pointed out the road, and when it is night, they do not have to hide under the roofs of their houses and middle of the forest heard the laughter cognizing Blood, and come he and his slaves worshiped him and he laughed and mad people, and the last, remaining cognizant mind told her to bring the most beautiful villages, for great was their fault to know, because they wanted to find its day shelter, except proigrozil know, they come at night in the village and the steps it will be the steps of the horror, his touch will touch eternity, and his eyes are the eyes of old who is sleeping where they formerly sacrificed.
And they chose the most beautiful village girl and left it where he said, and when night descended over the world, and sang songs of wolves hunting, came cognizant blood, and took it with her clothes and took her virgin body and he drank her blood, and severe vomiting as razor nails her white skin, sharp fangs chewed it still fragile heart, and the cries of its spread over the place where a worshiped when Ancient Horrors and heard asleep deep underground beast screams and felt a leak through the blood of the land girls defloration a terrible and ancient rites, and woke up the beast, and went up the ground under the light vzdybiv Night Sun. Cognizant and isolated from the blood red piece of meat, when the former is the most beautiful woman of the neighborhood and went to meet the Ancient Beasts, and he smiled, and from the smiles vyali leaves and flowers, and the unknown abyss watched from his eyes. And he fought with the beast, and out into the night a terrible storm, and the wind got up, then converted into tornado that break trees by the roots and in the center of the vortex cognizant hitting his blood with the ancient beast, and he tumbled down an animal, and began to drink his blood, sating unknown power. Otgremela storm, the day, and went cognizant blood, becoming more powerful and torn corpse of the girl received a new life, because it was the seed, acknowledge the blood, and turned it into nightmarish creature that long saw the blood of people nearby.And one has to look cognizant Blood on the people that fought. And he came to one of the armies, which suffered a defeat and went straight into the tent of the army and no one dared to stop him. Long looked bloated know from the person to who when it rules the world and I think that particularly in the head, subjugate so many heads. And by morning, he averted his glance from the head commander that lay on the table and he went to the soldiers and said, “I will be your governor, I will bring you to victory” and he led his small army on the army and the billion went ahead, learn and Blood demons of the Abyss laughed along with nim.I passed it through the enemy like a knife through butter, and he tore the warriors with his bare hands, and vomiting of their fangs and drank their blood, in streams that flow to this day. And his warriors voodushevivishis went outside to understand and scattered the enemy, and many of his example drank blood and ate raw fresh human flesh and was surprised to realize they were that it gave them power and vosslavili they know, and he laughed laughing madman who know the essence of the mind. And he led them on, and they took the town by storm, and rivers of blood flowed through the streets where the soldiers cognizing Krov assuage his hunger. And it is of great empires and fear before his armies conquered other people’s countries. And one cheer cognizant blood in his Throne Room, when it came to some old man. Sedoy old man with mad eyes looked as long cognizant peregryzaet throat young beauty, as greedily drink the blood and how it throws away, satisfied, his slaves. “Why are your servants copulate with a dead girl?” asked sodrognuvshis old. “Thus,” replied know, – they copulate with eternity. ” “I have seen many such ceremonies in the streets of the city, and this is not the most terrible, why did you do it on, cursed? Why has created an evil empire, where people turned into demons. I saw the parents drink the blood of their children, as children eat their brothers and sester.Neuzheli you think that because they are learning about the blood? ” “No answer … … know, – I just showed them how to live in another way, your world is not less cruel, but its brutality hides inside you. For all those people inside the beast, now he just came out, who you old man, not afraid to ask me such questions? “I am a prophet, messenger of Gods, which horrified your actions. “No! – Laughing cognizant Blood – you are not a prophet, you are one of the Gods, which was just curious.” And a long look in the eyes cognizant Blood Ancient God has not yet been laughed together, and the laughter of the heavens shuddered. And grabbed the ancient God who formerly worshiped as the protector of virtue slaves go first, and tore out her liver, and ate it, and the faults of its skull and drank her brain, without ceasing to laugh, and then he took it in every possible way and he has done so with several dozen slaves, and cognizant Blood was sitting in front of and laugh at its most successful joke, over the ancient God who fell on the same hook, and that those who worship him to the people. And continuing to smile cognizant blood rose and left the throne room and left the Empire to ever come into it do not return, leaving the insane frenzy of God in the land, because they were not given to know the blood.Once the blood was cognizant of the ancient forgotten dungeons, which did not dare step foot man, and he heard a moan which is far away, and even a little under proplutav gloomy vaults of tunnels dug not by people, I found it on the man, chained to the burning braziers, bracelets internal circuits spines vpivalis it in his hands, the body is one continuous wound, it was unclear how he lived. “Who asked you cognizant Blood,” I know the pain, “in response prohripel man -” a thousand years, I draw here, and my servants invented, all the more subtle torture, but a nightmare from which I perenoshu and never reach enlightenment. I can not go on the road to know, since there are no torments that awake Cognition in me. “So you need the most terrible meal, to discover path” – chuckled cognizant Blood, “there is nothing easier, here is what I say to you: a century of torture and torment have been in vain, now I will kill you and you never know what wanted to know. “No!-man cried, and the echo of a stone for a long time walking under the arches of the cave, but cognizant blood came to kill him, and in that brief moment, only at a fraction of a second, while the hand blood cognizing not cut his head, the man finally reached what sought through years of torment, he knew pain and died with the blessed smile on his lips, and cognizant Blood went his way.
One day, walking at night on the mountain path, acknowledge the blood, met the soldier, zakovannogo in armor with a cross on his chest, saw cognizing, the warrior drew a sword and prepared to fight. “Who are you?” asked cognizant cold blood, and his words made man shrunken. “I am one of those who kill your children, the creation of Cursed – exclaimed a warrior, and sword zamahnulsya. But it became only skolznula by cognizing.” Why do not you pleased my creation? “Said know, they do not have the evil one.” Do not bring Evil! “exclaimed a warrior,” let’s go down to the village, which lies at the foot of these mountains and you’ll see that doing those whom thou hast given power over the blood. “And they went to the village and passed on its streets. Krov blankets the ground and walls of houses, obglodannye bones lie under their feet, vspuhshie mutilated corpses with a torn bowel, face, frozen in horror nemom, sucked up to the last drop of blood of babies. “This is what your children are doing!” cried the knight, “and just like I have at least we can stop this nightmare. “” But I do not see anything improper, “shrugged cognizant Blood, they only go on the road to knowledge.” But this is terrible, that they wrought! “said the warrior, they are fork-Ada “Hell and Heaven in your soul,” shook his head cognizant Blood-you can look at the world through the prism of the national park or through the prism of Ada.Smotri is through the prism of Paradise “and to know the blood of crucified him on the wall of the house and vsporol stomach and pulled out Knight guts and threw them on the ground and break his spine and he had his hands and feet, and the knight looking at all this through paradise booths only smiled bliss that experienced for the first time in their lives. “Well,” said know, you look through the Paradise, and now see through Hell! And made cognizant volshbu and healed the wounds of the knight and srossya spine, and delayed wound in the belly, and healed all the wounds, and left knowable. But there was no end of nightmarish mukam knight, because he saw everything through Hell, and even a healthy, and ride it in the torments of the land are not calm the pain, which has no title. And he had long searched for cognizing the blood and found him and asked him to do the latter a slave, just would not feel pangs. “You’re talking about Ade,” say know, – “without knowing it. Hell and Heaven in your soul” And again cognizant forced the Knights to see through the Paradise, and rejoiced in it, and descended from the mountains to the nearest village to preach to people skills and lilas vsparyvalis stomachs and blood and break bones because that was the preaching of the knight who once gave an oath to fight the fork Ada.

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